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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by billyS, Oct 5, 2001.

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  1. jras


    thanks and ?

    thanks, Billy, for the info. I'll pass on MT and be a little more thankful for the pretty wide array of AMP options out here (between exits 59 and 64 of the LIE, all in Newsday classified ads). Just wish there were some hispanic joints out here. Where do the illegal hispanic daylaborers go to get some action? Couldn't be too expensive if it exists.

  2. billyS


    Quick version - it sucks don't go there. Details: listed in Newsday 516-797-8303. Located on Merrick road in Massapequa just west of the Car dealers. Was in the mood to try something differnt the other day so I called this place and since an asian voice answred I felt I had to give it a shot. Located in a strip mall, its on the far end, all the stores in the middle were vacant and at the other end was a Lawyers office. Not sure if that was even open because there were no cars in the parking lot. The store as a big sign Monarchy Inc. over the door. Walk in , no buzzer (bad sign if your looking for F/S) although a loud door bell goes off. Greeted by mamasan who really looks me over good then out comes a big toothed late 20ish Asian with a flat ass. I'd give her about a 5. Assign me to a room. Hard table, not very comfortable, and heres the part why I wopuldn't ever go back. As I'm getting the massage, which was actually not bad, Mamasan crept into the room. I only knew this beause I felt a third hand on my leg. When I picked up my head she stared at me real good. I felt she was really looking at me hard, and I caught her eyeing my clothes pile. I always bury my pants and put my keys over my wallet, sort of a booby trap. When she wouldn't stop staring at me I grabbed her tit and she slapped me and said" OK you behave now" and she left. Later I got a so-so hand job I went to feel her up but her tits were small and flabby so I fingered her, nice juicy pussy she was slighty wet as I entered her. But I just got a bad vibe there and since the girls are unactrative and no chance of BJ or F/s I'd warn you guys to stay away