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188 rt 112 Patchogue 516-216-2162

Discussion in 'Long Island' started by funstr, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. nate_hayes


    Tried this place out and had much worse luck than the other posters. Average looking older (well into her forties, easily) woman greeted me and took me to the room. Only saw one other woman there and she was pretty overweight so I stuck with the first one.

    Not bad massage given with about zero enthusiasm followed by a not bad HE given with zero enthusiasm. Not the worst I've had, but certainly nothing to write home about. As always YMMV
  2. numa1948


    Tried this place out Sunday evening. Met at door by Lily, 6 on the AMP scale. Took the hour as I needed a good rub, which I got. As she was asking how long she was patting my buns, and saying How Nice... The first half was good, allowed OTC through her spandex pants, no undies. Towards the end, played with my ass, no insertion, as well as my balls, Stroked my cock as well. On the flip asked Oil, said No but she oiled me up anyway, and went to town. She gave me easy access to her pussy, legs spread wide as she rubbed up against my waiting hand. All OTC's. Al the appropriate noises, and she was dripping wet through her pants. She came about the same time I did, FAKE who cares. Would repeat but will try for the BBBJ next time
  3. funstr


    I've been there twice with the same experience....both time the same girl,...come to think of it both times there was someone walking out the hallway when I came out..(not kidding here)...its shared with the repair shop I think...maybe he WAS watching through a peephole :-O
    next time I'm there I will look for the peephole and if he's there ill cram my cock through so he can gloryhole me.....OK kidding here.......
  4. joeyboy


    Might have to give this place a try.I live about 10 min from here.Yes it is a very busy(nosey) area.Only thing is I want the girl that funstr had.I cant exactly go in and ask "which one of you gives the bbbj"? lol Still might give it a shot though.
  5. bighard20in



    you are 1 of 104 that got flushed and the only one man enough to admit it on this board.

  6. canthelpit


    That Chrysler 300 looking at you kind of ruins what sounds like a great time.
  7. catfish43


    Your definitely not the only one, just the only one with the balls to admit it!!!!
  8. TenderVittles

    TenderVittles banned

    It defiantely wasn't LE, most likely a spanish homo thug who was peeking through a small hole in the wall while funstr was trying to have some fun.

    He followed him out and onto the road, the motion with the eyes was homo thug gang sign slang for "I liked what I saw, can't wait to see you again."

    All in good fun......maybe you cut the guy off? That would gnaw at me not knowing who the fuck this guy is/was.

    Stay safe all....and remember I am still the ony asshole who got flushed.....
  9. joeyboy


    whats with the Chrysler 300? Think it was le?
  10. funstr


    yeah....but im dammed if I can remember it...........
  11. joeyboy


    Get her name funstr?
  12. funstr



    Did a search on this and came up empty so I figured id share....This place is 2nd floor of a building on the north west corner of rt 112 and east Lakewood st
    its a hertz rental place in front and a repair garage in the back directly across from taco bell
    not exactly a quiet place many people can see you walking up to the door but in the door I went....up the stairs to find standard issue white doorbell button.....there are cameras so I was greeted at the door by a short Korean looking woman...right as I rang the bell.
    not bad looking not good looking.....kinda solid frame...id say a 6 at best
    led to a room with curtain for a door....6 for the hour herd other work going on in another room so there is at least one more girl there although I never saw her or anybody....
    I assumed the position....and she proceeded with a nice rub....not great but pleasant enough....1/2 way through she started petting my ass and letting me know more was to cum....the flip came she immediately gave jr a pat and then a few kisses....
    she asked if I wanted oil...I shook no and pointed to my mouth....she said oh you like that....went over and got some tissues came back and went right down town for lunch.....she popped the girls for a nibble....nice gum drop nips on a smallish squeeze box
    and proceed with a pretty nice bbjtcim...OK real nice....never slowed as I finished ...just spit into the tissues and continued the massage....offered water and helped me dress....no mention of $
    I left her the $40 change she gave me earlier and she seemed happy with that....and off I went....as I drove south on 112 a 30ish yr old Latin guy in a Chrysler 300 pulled up next to me looked at me as we drove....put two fingers to his eyes then pointed at me as if to say he's watching me or someone is watching or something.....and sped off. like a glass of ice water poured on your balls after a warm BJ....I would definitely repeat ......but then again......no be safe out there