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  1. Turn_Ova


    Went today and had Jessica. I think she may have been the only one there as she had to answer the door at one point. Very pretty girl especially by AMP standards. Took the half hour for 40 and got a pretty decent rubdown. I see what you guys are talking about with the groin massage. Its different but feels good. Lead to a nice soft touch followed by a HR that could have been a bit slower. I'm not a fan of being Jack Hammered and if they knew me they would know if they went slower the job would get done quicker but hey the longer it took the more I got to suck on those nipples. Tipped her 40 and I was out the door with my bottle of water.
  2. Li631


    Went here recently and will be back... had Jenny and she is a legit 8/10 on any scale and Asian is not my preference but she has something. (The only 3 Asians I have genuinely been attracted to are Anna and Wendy from Lincoln and now add Jenny to the list) Taller than typical, fuller (large B's maybe C's) an ass too wearing yoga pants and t shirt. Walls to ceilings and locking doors (pocket doors to be precise).
    Took the 1/2 for 40 ok massage. A little dry and had to ask for oil which helped a great deal toward feeling better. After about 15-20 mins did the leg over her leg inner thigh massage which felt fantastic. Was genuinely hoping she would administer the ending this way as it was different and felt great but enough playing with the boys on the upstroke to harden me up but not enough to count toward ST.
    ST after a brief wipe down. The ST while not great brought me back to life.
    This is where it got briefly weird but I chalk it up to an inknown naked man laying on a table. On the flip she "picture framed" the good parts never in 3-4 minutes doing anything resembling a happy thing is about to happen. So I am at attention and.... I get an itch so i must scratch it. She gently places her hand on top of mine and I have to move mine away and swap hand positions with her. She leans on me almost snuggling while she is standing and begins to lick and nibble my neck while stroking. All the while She is warmer than the quasi mechanical Anna (but that ST though is heaven, but not as "passionate" as Wendy.
    Then the funny.... she is aimed horizontal not vertical, laying looking and nibbling me and she wants to see it (she whispered that to me.... and that was all I needed) she turns her head and I don't know but she forgot to re-aim.... a 3 day backup from a very nice Friday night with the UTR and it catches her on the forehead and ear. So by mistake it became a hjwof (Hand Job With Oops facial). She cleans herself off as I am holding the laugh in as best as I could.
    Decent clean up and a $40 tip and I am out with a peck on cheek, grab of the groin and a "you come back and see me soon"
    Will be back and use 10 Main st as a plan B
  3. Thunder Lips

    Thunder Lips

    Went here today around lunchtime. I was a little upset that they had me wait 15 min in my room. As stated from previous post they are cuter here than other AMPs. I took the hour for $60 and in came a late 20's early 30's girl. 8/10. She asked me how I Wanted and I said medium-strong. I took the hour bc I was hoping to be relaxed. Needless to say, I felt like dough on a board and she was the rolling pin, and not in a good way. She basically rubbed for an hour. Next time I will only take the half hour. Before the ST she gave nice leg massage. At one point she had my leg positioned in a way that she was massaging my groin. Never had that before. Was a nice surprise and she tickled the boys as well.
    On to the flip and lot of oil and jack hammering. Asked her to slow down. She started talking dirty which was a turn on and I got to play with her grape sized nipples in her A cup bra. Other cute girls in there. I did not get her name, but I will be returning.
  4. appleturnovernow


    surprised no one has reviewed this place.. but anyway ive been going here for months. ive
    seen probably 6-7 different talented ladys here consistant 7-7.5's on looks. all cute and playful. ages ranging early 30's to early 40's. all have massage skills and have allowed under top roaming.

    massage skills - 8-9

    soft touch and HE- 7-9 above average to excellent. one girl (dont recall name) was so good i had to look down to see if i was getting a bbbj...but there are no fs or bj here.

    street parking in front or parking lot in rear of building. there is a door in rear but there is no access, as this goes into the bathroom and is locked and blocked by shelving inside.

    there is a cheap-o nail place w posterboard and highlighter signs next door that you would think is "the spot" but nope its the nicer place next to the bar.

    tables are fairly comfortable, music, nice atmosphere, small private rooms, full walls and doors.

    not a super busy spot but busy enough you wont draw attention to yourself going in. they do legit work here w legit customers as well so No red flags entering this spot. Because of privacy of rooms a normal customer can be in a room next door and have no idea mr happy is getting happier.

    if you are looking for a quality massage and HE this is the spot with above average consistency.

    typical pricing 40hh-60hr. tip 40.
    they take CC but STRONGLY prefer cash.

    for those not familiar with brightwaters, its the nice area village in bayshore
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