2 different reactions to the same incident

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by justbill_redux, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. RoosterC74



    The 2 reactions of course were quite different. However, knowing that the 2 situations were quite different, I would expect the reaction to be quite different. Lets face it, and you would have to expect that the FIT Little Treat is not fucking 20 guys per week, like the provider.
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    Just bill You need a different condom brand. Try Crown. Choice asian pick!!
    Cheap & good
  3. Gavvy Cravath

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    Liberals get laid? Well, I never would have guessed it! LOL...
  4. justbill_redux

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    No doubt.
  5. Jordan

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    Not to fear friend I have the answer;

    Your dick is getting smaller
  6. justbill_redux

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  7. does your young nonpro Japanese FIT student friend have any cute friends???
  8. SkellyChamp


    Sounds to me like we should invade Japan. Or Whole Foods
  9. justbill_redux

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    About 2 weeks ago I was with my young nonpro Japanese FIT student friend, who I met at the 24th street Whole Foods and we were going at it hot and heavy, I was balls deep into her fucking her nice and hard, holding her while she came mouthing those squeals I love to hear that send me over the edge and make me cum soon after. I pull out, the condom stayed in, she walked into the bathroom pulled it out and washed her pussy out with soap and water. When she got back I apologized and told her that I hadn’t felt it slip off and hoped that my cum was in the condom and not in her pussy. She replied that nope, cum was not in the condom but don’t worry shes clean and that shes sure I’m clean, I am my last test was about 2 months ago. She also said that the sex was so intense that she didn’t think I would have noticed and told me not to worry about it has she wouldn’t.

    Fast forward a week, I’m with a provider, same thing occurs after some hard fucking but I hadn’t cum yet, condom deep in her pussy. She asks me to pull the condom out and after a few minutes of using 1 finger and not grabbing it I use 2 fingers and get it. She gets off the bed and tells me shes going to clean up and goes to the bathroom and I hear the shower running, after a few minutes she comes back to bed. We go at it some more, fucking/BBBJ/DATY/HJ but I cant come, we start to talk and I had to ask her if she thought that showering and or douching, she tells me she douched with some vinegar, was going to prevent any STDs. No but mentally for her it makes a difference, which I buy but it struck me that a, and I hate to use this term “sex worker” had such a different outlook on this from a civilian.

    FWIW condoms in both cases were supplied by the ladies and maybe it’s me but goddamm it I never feel those things slip off, I have to wonder if the nerve endings on my cock are going.