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  1. Eugene


    Not all the doubles are better...

    There might be a negative aspect that can come up in a double session. About three years ago, when the Madison club just openned, they had a promotion package of some kind when you were getting a double session for no extra price.
    Actually what happened a few times was, that the girls were kind of timid in front of each other and did much less, than they had been doing with me just by themselves. My guess was that they just were afraid for the other girl to see that they might be up for more than a usual "not nude HR".
    So, my point is that one of the essential components for a really satisfying double session is picking the girls, who are comfortable enough with each other.
  2. teeduke



    I don't usually go for doubles preferring to concentrate on one lady at a time. That being said, I've had many doubles at my favorite AMPs without specifically asking for them. They usually occur when things are slow, or late at night before closing. It just happens. And though I don't recall ever being asked for anything extra, above the house fee for one lady, I've always tipped all who participated.

    The only really hot asian doubles action I've ever enjoyed was with a mamasan who lived in an apartment on 34th and one of her smoking friends. They really went at it for awhile then they focused their attention on me, then we were into a rotating threesome. I can't remember how many times I exploded but it was a great time and it was free, because the mamasan liked me. It was her birthday present to me!

    Still prefer singles to multi-tasking though.
  3. RY200S


    If you're willing to travel, try this:


    Two girl minimum!

    The 1,600 baht fee per lady is about $35--pretty high by Thai standards, but it does include the room.

    I was there in November--great experience. They insist on at least 2 cups of coffee, perform oral on each other, with dildo action. They will service you orally at the same time. Great attitude.

    A better value is Annie's soapy massage. 1 1/2 hours for a little more than $20. A bath with BBBJ with lady first, then a soapy massage with more BBBJ on an air mattress, proceed to the bed for more BBBj & FS. Then a shower.
  4. metellier

    metellier Two time offender

    G to G action in an AMP

    Henry d,

    After I read your post about getting the 3 girls for the price of one I have
    promoted you to GOD first class in my book. I think popeye and capitan and me remain mere patron saints of perversity on tight purse strings- but you are it- a true opportunist!

    "Have I ever told you you're me hero...
    And everything I would like to be..."

    OK Ok before I start to get misty-eyed, I have some additional advice for nnjguy:

    In an earlier thread (before the one about Asian independents and before my ***** got all jammed up by international leaders & dead people (see thread: Open Letter to the Emperor) I was asking Ugers about availability of doubles at AMPs and nnjguy has brought up this worthy endeavor again.

    Although I have been able to nail a lot of doubles (sometimes in really unexpected straightlaced "we only do massage" places) over the years, the
    times I got the girls to really "get into" each other; which is a turn on for
    this provincial pervert, has been indie providers and their "friends". The G/G action I got in a true AMP enivronment would be like once on Bleecker when there was a Korean establishment there. First time I went it was late, both girls were a little drunk and Kim ended up eating Park while Michel
    parked in Kim (does that make any sense? It's like the two ***** gay guys I
    heard about, Patrick Fitzgerald and Gerald Fitzpatrick?)

    However, like 4 days later I am back at exact same joint and Park refused any such activity with another girl. Luck of the moment or wrong chemistry between providers? Je ne sais pas. Cherchez les Koreans!

    Other time in an AMP that involved G/G action as part of a doubles was in Little Neck at the now demised place on Northern near Little Neck Parkway.
    This was intense including one girl using toys on the other's various orifices and treating Michel like a slave master fro whom they took direction. I was like the Frank Capra of perversity. Man, little Michel is standing at attention and facing toward Quebec as I remember these! Typically, it would begin that they massage me but then I would pick one of them and me and the other girl would massage my selection. Things pick up from there. I was able to get this level of peversity numerous times in that joint. I even got familiar with the geography of Queens.

    However, my dear nnjguy, be aware that some places will do the double and charge for the double and attempt to give you as little visual stimulation as possible (in some cases one will leave the room for like half the session). Some places will take the money, do the double and subject you to the dirtiest, most hate-filled looks you have ever seen (all of a sudden they gain moral superiority). I got this treatment once in a Korean joint in the upper west side- I was taste testing one of the girls' breasts and made the mistake of looking over at the other girl who was massaging little Michel and the look
    on her face was like one of pure hatred and digust. Little Michel almost climbed in between his two nutty compatriots and refused to come out. It was scary.

    I digress, but another time I discussed doubles with a mama-san at a joint in
    Flushing and she was all happy about it (I used concern Etellier's "Gee, mama-san things look slow here today..." and she was happy for the added business) However, apparently the way that she presented the concept to the two girls she selected for me was less than democratic and a major loud
    argument in Manadarin began among the three of them. Rather than pay for a hostile 3-some, I picked one and did the single thing. Last thing I need is to be the focus of a war between women. I can get that at home.

    One last thing is that if you score doubles in a real assembly-line AMP (like
    WGS or Aria or any of those places where you come into visual contact with
    other customers) get ready for the looks you're going to get from the other
    hobbyists. It's like a mixture of disgust, jealousy, "right on" and "fuck, I shouldda tought a dat!"

    So again, its hit and miss in lining up a double and another hit and miss in getting girls who will engage each other for your viewing pleasure.

    I think the reason why some AMP addicts comme moi like to attempt to get active doubles is two fold- first , this is a challenge (like pushing your luck for FS in an R&T joint) and second, after you have gone to numerous AMPs for numerous times over numerous years, a certain degree of boredom does set in with the routine nature of the proceedings. The thrill and challenge of
    getting the 2-fer and then getting the 2-fer to go-fer keeps it interesting.

    Bonne chance.
  5. nnjguy


    I might have to try that. it sounds real fun to me.
  6. henry d

    henry d

    Lesbian fun is hard to find...

    I have had my share of threesomes and one foursome, but very little touchy feely among the asian female participants. A little touchy feely at Callowhill in Philly, some titty sucking in my private AMP in the Village. The only full blown nasty lesbian session I encountered was with the asian "Karen" who advertises in Eros, and who is very expensive, last I checked $$$$$. At the time I paid $x8 for her and a very pretty light skinned mulatto. These two chicks dug each other in a big way, at one point I could hardly get into the action. It was very intense and good, Karen stuck her tongue way up this chick's pussy and in her asshole. So if you have the money, Karen is definitely into chicks.
  7. nnjguy


    kinda figured as so. Im not really looking for anything too kinky but more fun for me. of course g/g is great but not going to happen most likely. I will take it slow and see what happens.

    thanks guys.
  8. popeye


    Re: Pick your time...


    Thank you for your post, spoken like a true master of the AMP scene. It is out there guys...

  9. metellier

    metellier Two time offender

    Pick your time...

    Have done this quite a number of times. Double in a FS AMP is best, but even
    2 girls in a "permissive" R&T joint can get funky.

    Keys to doing this are time yourself to show up at slowest time/day (like
    weekend afternoon in some joints). You can even call a few times to pin down when this is first. DO NOT RESERVE 2 GIRLS IF YOU MAKE
    PHONE APPOINTMENT. If you do, they have you pegged for pervert and big spender before you even enter the premises. (especially if its your first visit)

    Instead, after you are set in the room, ask the girl in a semi-concerned matter
    if things are slow today. In some cases, you ask the mama-san before you get into the room- depends.
    If you get the affirmative, ask the girl if there's any other girl she likes to work with or, ask her the name of a particular other girl you were attracted to on
    entry. Then ask if your assigned girl would like to work together with (either the girl she named or the one you asked about). Mention that gee, you wish you had brought more d'argent with you. If the joint is slow and relations between the 2 girls are ok-ish, you will get a break on either the 2nd house
    fee or the overall tip.

    The above method has worked for this horny Canadian beaucoup de temps in NY and NJ and results in them always asking you next time if you want 2 girls. They remember perverts. At that point, they are offering to you and you can always get them at the discount.

    Problem you may have is the level of kinkiness you are aiming for. If you want
    them to DATY each other and put on a bi-show (touchy/feely etc), AMP girls
    usually resist and giggle too much when they finally give in. If you're just looking for them to make you the center of the universe with no G to G playing, you should be more than happy with the results. Even a staid, formulaic joint like WGS has doubles sessions available.
  10. popeye


    Real funny....

    I frequented this place once a week for about six months straight. In some instances twice a week. They know me very well, and my mileage has a direct relationship to the time and money I have invested going there. In other words, I recieve good service there till today because I earned it. Just that simple. A couple of them have joked with me that I am like their communal husband. But I know I am not the only one. It is just good business practice for them, in order to maintain and keep good customers- which they told me I am.

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  11. sexpert


    way to go popeye!! hell that never happened to me!! they must really dig u! LOL
  12. popeye



    If new customer: they'll milk you for what they can get maxxing out at about double the price of one girl for a twosome.

    If they Know you: and it is a slow day the other girl may join for a nominal tip, or if it is busy regular tip rate applies. If they are horney, and they dig you, you may be pleasantly surprised. Someone, mentioned the other day about how she offered to pay for his session with her when he offered to drop her home. But this last scenerio is very rare.

    My most memorable situation was in CT, I couldn't finish with the girl I was with and was at it for at least a half hour. I was a regular there. She seemed tired, and couldn't go on, so her friend came in and finished the job for a nominal tip. Then the both of them gave me a massage after completion. I wound up staying beyond 1.5 hours.

    AMP's are the best value....

  13. sexpert



    Most amps will allow this and most providers will provide a dual HR, its 2 door fees and 2 tips, I guess its a fantasy for ya but i rather take 2 back to back sessions than 2 at one time, buts to everyones own!
  14. rollin


    That's right, you got it. Unless you can get a better deal....... :)

  15. nnjguy


    if I wanted to go and have 2 girls give me the works ata AMP, what would it cost? is it two house fee's? plus two tips?

    anybody ever go for this type of service?