2 More New Girls & 3 Girls in White Plains

Discussion in 'New York' started by AnAffairtoRemem, May 31, 2006.

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  1. AnAffairtoRemem

    AnAffairtoRemem Bronze

    I must have stepped in shit because I can't believe my GOOD LUCK!!!!

    I found 2 more Hot New Girls that makes 4 New Girls Just this Week!!!!

    The two Latest ones are:

    Susanna http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=220

    Who will be Visiting White Plains Thursday along with Heidi & Tatianna.

    So that makes 3 Hotties for my new White Plains friends to choose from

    And the Other New Girl is:

    Pamela http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=219

    Who will be Visiting Long Island Thursday

    Along with Candi & Vanessa (Arrived 11pm Wed night & ready to go) and the other Hot AATR Girls

    So lets hope my good luck continues or let's just enjoy it while it's here!!!

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