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Discussion in 'New York' started by AnAffairtoRemem, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. NYCOldMan



    Will you welcome back a former friend??? Need some good Manhattan quality time. Haven't seen you or yours in a few years.
  2. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    wheres JP when I need him, I need one of those giant smiley faces in my post.....isnt this great, so many good looking woman, so many new young faces, I really love this place.
  3. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    so many girls, so little time.

    hey, when someone nails Gigi, please post a quick review.

    Not that I need any convincing, but Id like to know how many, how it ends, and well, thats about it.
  4. AnAffairtoRemem

    AnAffairtoRemem Bronze


    Gigi (New Girl GFE Confirmed) http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=205
    Visiting Mon & Wed
    Special Intro Rate $300

    Susan http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=181
    Visiting Wednesday


    Allana http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=128
    Available Mon thru Fri

    Early Bird Special $300 before 3pm

    Gizele http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=129
    Available Mon thru Sun

    Linda (New Hot Fashion Model) http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=models&loc=new-york&lst_id=195
    Visiting Wednesday

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Long Island~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Alexis (Visiting GFE/PSE) http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=198
    Visiting Mon thru Sun

    Gigi (New Girl GFE Confirmed) http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=205
    Visiting Friday

    Susan http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=181
    Visiting Monday

    Maritza http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=185
    Visiting Friday

    Tatiana http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=164
    Available Tuesday & Wednesday

    Audrey http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=101
    Available Friday

    Maria http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=184
    Available Tuesday & Thursday

    Francesca http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=140
    Available Thursday & Friday

    Laney http://anaffairtorememberescorts.com/modelpage.php?cat=&loc=&lst_id=107
    Available Mon thru Fri (6pm thru Midnight)
    Saturday & Sunday (10am thru Midnight)

    Please call (516) 322-7887 to book your appointments