2006 Football Pool

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    I'll be running a pay for play football pool this year.
    Here's the basic setup:

    The cost of the pool will be $56 for the season. I will accept cash, money orders, postal money orders, personal checks, and yes even a nationally known internet payment provider (however there will be an extra charge for using thepayment provider to cover the cost of their handling fees....you may ****** me for more info on this payment option)

    Here are the basics of how we will run this years pool:
    This year's "regular pool" consists of essentially three different pools.
    A Weekly Pool-
    A Season Pool-
    A Survivor Pool-
    It will cost you $56 and you are automatically entered into all three pools, for the entire regular season.
    $56 broken down into the three pools:
    Weekly $34 ($2 a week, 17 weeks)
    Season $17
    Survivor $5

    All fees are due before the beginning of the first week (September 7th)
    The pool is a played with confidence points.
    This will be a Confidence Pool. Here is the Official Explanation: Pool members must assign a number to each game based on “how sure” they are that their team will win. If they feel very confident about a team, they assign the game a higher number. If they are unsure, they give the game a lower number. If their team wins, they win the amount of points they assigned to the game. If they lose, they obviously do not collect any points. Example: The 49ers are playing the Giants. You are pretty Confident that the Giants will lose this game. You pick the 49ers to win, and on the Picksheet, place a high number (like 14, 15, or 16), on the 49ers. If you are NOT so Confident the 49ers will win, place a lower number on them. If the team you picked to win DOES WIN, you get the assigned Confidence Points for that game. If the team you picked LOSES, you receive ZERO points for that game. The most Confidence Points determine the weekly winner.
    You can only use a number ONCE !
    The object is to accumulate as many points as you can each week.
    There will be one weekly winner who will be determined by total confidence points accumulated that week.
    If there is a tie in total points accumulated in a week, then the tiebreaker will be used.
    This tiebreaker will be wins and losses for that week... most correct wins.
    If there is still a tie for first place after the tiebreaker, 1st place winnings will be divided equally among all tied players.
    Any Poolmeister posting a "Perfect" sheet will receive and additional 15 pts... This will be added to any pool accumulating points.
    Weekly pots:
    $2 from each person in the pool goes into the weekly pot.

    There will be five season pool winners.
    They will be determined by total points accumulated for the entire regular season.
    Season Pots:
    From each person in the pool $17 goes into the season pot.
    The pot will be broken up into:
    5th- 5%

    Survivor Rules
    $5 from each player goes into the Survivor Pool.....
    All you have to do is, each week pick 1 team that you think will win that week.
    You can only select a team once throughout the entire regular season (each week a different team).
    If you select a team twice it will count as a loss for that week.
    If you don't make a selection for the survivor pool it will count as a loss.
    Once you lose 2 games you are out of the pool.
    This pool continues until there is only one player left or the end of the regular season.
    If at the end of the regular season there is more than one player left the tiebreaker will be the number of games lost within the survivor pool, (either 0 or 1).
    If only one player has no losses then he/she would be the winner. If there is still a tie or all remaining players are eliminated then the player with the most consecutive wins within the survivor pool will be the winner.
    If a tie still exists the pot will be split equally to all tied players.
    Each player contributes $5 to this pool so the payout will be determined by how my players are in the pool.
    If on or before week 6 a winner has been determined, I will start another Survivor pool.
    It will cost you $3 if you want to join again (you don't have too,).
    All the rules will be the same; everyone that plays will be starting fresh with no losses and all teams to choose from.

    Give me your feedback....