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  1. Al Kikuras

    Al Kikuras

    Standard FS is a C-note. If I unload twice, I usually kick in another Jackson or three depending on the quality of the service. You should always agree prior to the main event so you know where the babe stands. In the heat of the moment you may recieve extras, obviously the comfort lady wants compensation for her extras.
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  2. Davy


    It really depends on what type of place (HR vs. FS) and how you establish your tip. If you tip up front and tell them you want to go twice at FS they will want you to pay for two sessions, so if one is $ they will expect you to place $$ on the table. I found that if I offered $$ and made my intentions clear they get the point and provide the service. Interstingly, if you aren't ready to take off when they go for the second cup (that's around 20 minutes after the first) the one's I have seen have an incredible sense of honor requiring them to keep at it until the second cup flows. That can result in a rather sore member as they really do want to get rid of you ASAP, and some think that the harder they pull the faster we cum or shall we say go. If you are going to pay twice, it probably pays to leave, have a snack and come back in an hour when you will be ready again. Of course if you can rejuvinate in twenty minutes go for it, and you'll save a second house fee. At HR you should go for the first right out of the gate so you have the full hour of massage to rejuvinate, and they can finish you off with the second cup. This again requires setting the fee upfront unless you like to haggel at the end. Keep in mind if you go for the full hour of massage and then get HR you can't expect them to give you another hour of massage waiting for you to rejuvinate without paying a full second house fee unless they aren't very busy.
  3. treizecisisase


    Not a custom prefered unless your a prefered customer. This dish is getting served less these days as many mamas want a cut and just the mention could sour your meal. $/2 but donn't count on it and be damn quick about it! Time=Won= Damn US Kapitalist System corrupting these Fine Asian Artistians. Set sails for different shores if you want more and more and more..... ;)
  4. flabbergasted


    I usually throw in another $20 if it's an HJ but if the 2nd cup is FS, then more is offered.
  5. fixitman


    Tip what you feel! If she does extras to get you to do it twice or three times. For me it depends on if she uses her hands.
  6. thegun

    thegun banned


    on the girl.
  7. phillyflip215


    Been in the amp hobby for a while now (See my posts). But I never tried for 2nd cup. What are the going rates for 2nd cup as far as tips go in amps? Is it another $ on top of $ for the first cup plus house fee? Or does it depend on the girl?