2nd visit to new amp yields F/S

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by billyS, Nov 20, 2001.

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  1. kromrider


    I got to see the cute one no f/s h/r only not so good. She was hot. But not much of a massage. $40 tip. next time i will try suzi
  2. billyS


    Ok boys my guess was right. Since that new Amp in West Hempstead is on my way home from work and I needed a massage I stopped in. First off the door was locked and I needed to be buzzed in. A decent looking 6.5 to 7 with a cute little belly shirt let me in. A guy with a brown leather jacket was walking out at the same time. If your a UG member you might want to tell your story too. Any way she leads me to the back, and I see that hot one again. This time she is wearing a blue gown. Again she is busy. I get naked and Suzy starts the massage. Awful. No oil, no technquie, nada. So I roll over a little and unzip her pants. I figure since she is so bad in massaging she has got to be there for other reasons. She asks if I've been there before I say yes. She kneels down besides me and says "let me ask you something, You want full service?" I say yes you suck and fuck. She says no sucking, she doesn't use her mouth. I say how much she says 90 so i say ok. But she strips and pulls out the condomn before collecting. she compliments my dick, "oh you very big, I'm scared" I get on top and fuck her tight little cunt. So-so fuck, not anything near Hanna of Hawaii. just layed there with her legs open while I pound away. some gasps and groans. no moving of the pelvis. when were done I renegotitae the price to $70. Guys hit this place fast 'cause there no way they are staying in business long. Too busy of an area, and its a nice one at that.