34th Street between 5th&6th

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by xcalibur, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. xcalibur


    well did a search by myself and came up with 646-9/3/8-3/0/3/7 or search for Bolywood starlet $100 special..anyone dare to take the challenge..lol
  2. xcalibur


    I think it was next to American Eagle or the Forever21..a small walkup...from what i heard the girl said no Asian at alll..she said some swedish and black..may be your talking about some other place
  3. xcalibur


    Being the OP I didn't go after the first time....don't like the location and if the indian girl is still there she posts on CL..search for "indian" and if something comes up call and ask for the location to see if it's this place.
  4. eveningmood


    I know the original post is about a year old, but anyone know if the Indian girl is still there? I have a thing for Indian women and would love a massage by a hot one. Sorry, I know its sort of an ISO post...
  5. xfiremanx9


    Some of us just got into the game so u cant blame us if we ask question. Also this is a public forum, if you are so concerned about people asking question you don't have to answer it or even waste your time responding to it. You didnt have to be an assho about it and belittle a newbie. Im sure there are enough nice people out there that are willing to help and not whine about someone's lack of posts.

    anyway, is this place next to the bar up on the 3rd floor? i remmeber only korean and they off FS, not indian
  6. Barnabus


    Now.. Now...

    Were all Perverts here, and some of us lurk and some of us post.
    We are all here for the persuit of Life, Liberty and the ultimate BBBJ

  7. trigon


    been to this place as they used to be in chelsea and used to advertise on craigs list. it was a storefront boutique spa right next to a police precinct. I always had a dilemma with this place because every once in a while they got a really cute girl working there but was conflicted about all the gay guys coming and going and knowing that there was gay sex going on in the room just before your session. one time I even had a male attendant come in and close the door insisting that he could do a good "massage" for me as well. they also used to advertise that they had transexuals so this made me paranoid that the girls, even the cute girls might be ladyboys.
  8. Bayboy



    now children...play nice......
  9. swiggy



    I'll give you a hint, if you post a review once in a while everyone won't read what you wrote and say to themselves "fuck this asshole, he never posts unless he wants help with something". Enough help or you need a bigger hint?
  10. hungcock2005



    Ok I search CL and didn't find a post with a indian girl at $. Do you mind giving us a little more hint.
  11. nycresponder


    I've been to this place but didn't stick around for the massage. The ir plus side is that they did have the girls who they posted, when I went a couple months ago they had a cute redhead with curly hair and the semi-busted looking dark skinned girl that they've advertised as both African and Indian.

    The downside: The place is pretty high volume, which isn't really my thing. I'd called and made an appointment with the cute redhead but they didn't honor my reservation so I bailed on them instead of being handed off to the darker girl who didn't do it for me. The entire thing had an odd feeling about it, and I just couldn't get into it.

    It could be the best thing in the world, but I'll never know.
  12. Jordan

    Jordan banned

    So its $160 for a topless HJ. She must be some model looking chick !!
  13. xcalibur


    First of all this is my first post and this NOT a self promotion or anything i know theres lot of self promoting going on in CL and *** and this not that. I'm just a regular guy who enjoy the city has to offer...so I'm not going to post the tel no or name of this girl but if i get any encouragement i will post..ok here we go

    Hell yeh! Believe it or not....found this Indian girl advertising in CL and thought might give it a try. Called the no and a guy answered and sounded indian too. Gave me the directions and said it's only $100. I was kinda suspicious but WTH my inner child was working my mind. So arrived at this place and until i went up to the floor wasn't sure if this is going to be a MP or I'm gonna get busted. lol... Greeted by a guy..immediate turnoff and took me inside. Wow couldn't believe such a place existed in such a classy spot.

    Then this guy asks if i want a guy or girl...WTF dude.. GUYS????i was like huh then he says we have guys too. ( No offense here but i'm straight) I said oh no i want the Indian girl..sure..right away

    Rooms are small but kinda nice dimmed light, AC and music too. So this girl walks in and by the looks i can tell she was Indian. Gave her the money and asked me to get undressed. ok...faced down on the table and she started on my back still her clothes on...was quiet for few minutes and i broke the silent . Then she tells me if i want a HJ or BJ it's extra. I knew there was a catch..A HJ is $60 & CBJ is $90 yup pretty expensive but i went for a HJ

    Shes not that tall but nice RACK and she saw me staring at them and asked if she should take them off. Hey why not..i don't mind lol :) wow nice natural and smooth like velvet. By the way her n****** were already hard..i asked if she was turned on she just laughed shyly and We chatted about few things shes only 21 and goes to pvt college in NYC. And it's only her 3rdweek in the MP.

    It seems like this place has a nice combo according to her swedish, latin and black and not to forget the guys too LOL

    Overall it was a nice experience but for me it was pricey but hey i might try i liked her...:)