631-838-8833 • We Treat U Like King • Sunrise Hwy, West Babylon

Discussion in 'Long Island' started by kardshark, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. jimidollaz


    Hey Steve. Stop reading my mind!
  2. LISteve


    Gave this place a try today. NO parking to speak of. I parked in the bigger lot down by the corner and walked back.

    Was greeted by Tina ... I asked a few times ... she is mid 30's maybe, a 6 on the AMP scale. Lot's of giggles. The massage was average and then she started rubbing her stiff nips against my back and the tip of her tongue. Then she wound up licking and tonguing my taint and a-hole for what seemed like an eternity. I don't know if I like that or not.

    Any way .... started with a cbj and the climbed on top. She asked me to get on top ... I said that i liked this and she says ... "You too big!" ... bullshit ... I am average at best. So I oblige and put her on her back on the table and I do her standing. She isn't very tight. I am standing there fucking her and just looking at her. What the hell am I doing here with this? This has gotten bad. Sex with a typical AMP girl is no good.

    Few minutes and I pop. Alcohol clean up and bye bye.

    160 total.

    Will I repeat? I am not sure.

    It is convenient and maybe there is better talent there.
  3. Mike1237


    Had a great session with Yuki last night. Her English is really bad but I was able to decipher that this is her 2nd visit to NY from Tokyo. Very sweet girl. Very accomodating. I thought her bolt ons were quite nice. Her BBBJ technique is very good. After a vigorous pounding she gave me pretty good massage. Straddled my back with no panties and could feel her bush brushing my back while she worked my shoulders. Hand signals and gesturing should be enough to overcome the language barrier and lead to a satisfying experience.
  4. Ed E.

    Ed E.

    Thanks to mike1237s review mention about the new girl Yuki and large bolt ons I stopped by here for a look see . I got to see Yuki for the hour and it began with some introductions which didn't matter since she don't speak English but apparently she remembered me or it was just her routine saying "I missed you" etc.

    I take care of the formalities securing the deluxe service 60 + 100 I get face down and she delivers a lame massage . After 20 min. of her fumbling rubbing she drops her little dress and rubs her titties on my back before getting on with a dry tongue rimming which seems to have become this places signature dish .

    Then I flip to check out the implants and wasn't overly impressed . Theyre the under the muscle variety and very bolt on looking , maybe a c cup . Her body is trim and very clean and invited total roaming of her pre-lubed pussy .

    Then I lay back while she goes down for some sucking with the bag ready to apply via mouth . I gesture to lose the bag which she does and got down to a very nice wet bbbj which totally turned around my opinion of Yuki . Nice wet slurping and after some few minutes I shot in her mouth and she took it all without stopping . She spit in a pt strategically placed and I laid back real happy .

    I relaxed a minute or two and she rubbed me down another 5 minutes before I split . Overall a fair experience but Ill return to see this one again befores shes jaded enough to turn me off .
  5. Mike1237


    Nana has left this place. New girl Yuki, Japanese girl, long black hair, large bolt ons. Seems like a sweet girl. Met her on the way out after a great session with Gina. Each session gets better and better. Got her to do a nice BBBJ this time, the other sessions were CBJ. Gina gives a pretty decent massage as well.
  6. Mike1237


    Stopped by this place on Sat 8/10. Gina greated me at the door but I took a turn with Nana to try something different. Nana is shorter than Gina. She's about 5ft 1in or so. Not as attractive as Gina bit still doable for sure. Started with a great double handed BBBJ, on went the cover for some standing Mish, then Doggy for the finish. Massage was good. Nice girl. Bad English. Said a 3rd girl is there. Coco. anybody know if its the same Coco reviewed a few months back on this thread? Thx.
  7. Mike1237


    First post on this website. Visiting from out of town. Thanks for all the great info. Visited this place Sat night. A little hard to find. Its just on the other side of the Limo place. Small house. Had a nice visit with Gina. House fee 60. Tip 100. Started with lite massage but I wanted to get it on. cbj, 69, standing mish, mish. Pretty girl. Perky tits. Hairy/tight box. Met Nana on way out. Also cute but would choose Gina. She said Sujee would be back soon.
  8. blowpopguy


    I'm confused. Why do the BB Greek and then go for the condom for the FS? Almost laughed at that one.
  9. 69horndog


    Wow been trying to call for 2 days no answer, even though they posted on BP. Hey, Breastman you should get a freebie from them. LOL. Your review of Sugee has me and everyone else it seems very interested in this place. Keep up the grt reviews.
  10. jras


    ditto dat
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  11. rre


    Thanks for the review breastman.
  12. GMackin


    It's no fookin wonder that all these school students need to learn how to put periods and commas in there sentances because there parents have no idea how to right a single sentence or paragraph or even a small storie if there lucky... I wonder about the future of this prostitution future. I think if a guy could actualy speak and type, he might get more bb greek job for free and save the c-notes weres they could be used for other things in nj... lol just saying
  13. breastman


    stoped here monday nite saw no cars in front about 930pm so i parked a street from there place///////// walked some was greeted by giggle gina and just for the hell of it i asked for sujee she says yea shes here im like sujee yes she replied ok she walks me to a room i undress and in walks sujee ..we hug for like 5 minutes as she talking i dont understand one word shes mumbling but im getting wood and feeling her up.now for those who been with her shes a real woman beautifull figure nice ass tits body ect.i give her 6o and she walks out comes back shes wearing a one peice white tight dress she acctually looks like she lost a little wieght .well she strips down to nothing ....goes on her knees and starts a bbbj not the best one but she tries... a little teeth shaving so i pull her up to me tell her im gonna F--K her with no condom she whispers no no so i tell her some oil please she lubes me up i turn her around and start a bb greek job as she starts squirming as i enter its tight ..so a couple minutes of this i stop and get my own cover so i could fs her .well i did almost every position with her i could ..shes really great no attitude no mention of money .so i toss her a c-note at the end i asked her weres shes been she said she works in nj and here i told her i was gonna tell my friends i saw her and she told me no. i guess shes worn out or dont need no heat le on her.i dont know her age but she told me shes korean i guess shes upper forties .but again she really seems to like here job
  14. Heche2009


    First visit

    First time there. Was surprised as i used to pass this place but u wouldnt know it. 1 chic there 5 face, 8 body. Maybe 35+. Some lingerie on. Asked for lite .4 Ok massage goes right into licking my ahole along w/st. That was a first. Asked what i want - got everything for .8.
    Starts with cbj and got her naked. Good action and pulled her into69. Decided against licking so i played w/her and fingered her brown hole nice and good. 5mins she asks to flip and after slapping my friend on her awesome tits i put her legs over my shoulder and pounded. Little moans here and there but i think she was mailing it in. Flipped her an pounded from back. Asked her to finish me with hj all over her tits. Surprised at the amt. afterwards, interesting convo. Limited english. Never asked for name. Clean up ok.
    Ok for the damage but would go back to see other girls.
  15. breastman


    ginas wacky evertime i seen her she starts laughing im not into her either i always ask for sugge when she was there she let me have my way with her every hole was open
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  16. Ed E.

    Ed E.

    I was here last night since I was out in suffolk and started thinking about how great this place was years ago . I was here around the holidays and saw coco first time and havent been back since then . Called like 8 pm and they answered first ring so I thought it should be slow there and was right . Got there 15 minutes later and the door was answered by coco . Shes about 5' 6" slim not bony with small Cs , face is only a 6 but wears that glitter eye shadow I love for whatever reason . I gave her the 60 house fee and handed over 100 telling her I want everything while I petted her pussy through her dress .Shes not smoking hot but her service was and she started with a strong masage really getting to the aches like she actually has experience doing masages . After an unrushed soothing massage with no talking which I like so I can let my mind wander the ST started . She took everything off and was rubbing her bush on my ass and legs while licking my ears and giggling before the catbath started down my back . Now things were getting nice and she worked her tongue into my asshole but not wet tongue just some dry ass licking , not the best Ive had . Then I flipped over and she was sucking my balls and licking my thighs up to my cock and started a nice bbbj with some slurping noises that got me really going . She sucked like that a few minutes then I got her to 69 and I started licking her bushy clean wet cunt and sucking the lips stretching them out which was a lot of fun . Funny but when we got to 69 time she slipped on the bag to continue sucking although I would have preffered more bare sucking . then I told her to get on her back and while I was turning over she kinda hung on to me and kept up slurping my dick getting me super hard . Then we did mish with her legs around me and her pussy was very tight and full of lube that she had handy and just applied quick before I got in her . The lube and her tightness made for a nice tight grip on me and I had to hold back a little to kepp from spilling too soon . After maybe 10 minutes of some great fucking on a tight pussy I shot my load in the bag and hard at that . I kept it in for a minute and she was squeezing me and the bag full of cum with her hole . I laid down on my back spent and she cleaned me all over with care . The whole time I heard no one else there . She rubbed me down for a few minutes and i felt like a new man , coulda just went to sleep right then and there . I used to love this place when sugee was here with her everything goes cum swallowing attitude but havent thought about this place much since she left . Coco is alright and will repeat but Gina is not for me since skanks that look like a stick figure dont turn me on .
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  17. confusedguy


    958 Sunrise 631-838-8833

    My first will be my old stand by.


    Has 3 parking spots so if it's busy, lotsa luck. Last visit was Saturday. My usual girl answered the door, escorted me inside and brought me to the room. The place is far from elaborate. Two rooms shabby doors, but it's clean and warm so you make up your mind. I get the hour for 60 and I get undressed and on the table. The girl is wearing a cute little skirt with no underwear (always a good thing). She starts with the massage, nothing elaborate, just enough to get you to touch her. She let's you touch her everywhere. Very accomodating. The flip comes fast and the negotiations begin. I give her 100. For that all but greek. Anything I wanted. Shot my load and she was right there with the alcohol wipe for my johnson and my face (guess what I did). Overall pleasant experience.
    P.S. The girl I got had the smallest, tightest ass I ever saw.
  18. Ericcfd


    Great beginerplace

    This is a great place to start. Ask for Julie. 40 ish ok looking butbest HE you will ever get.
  19. AlwaysHavingFun


    Mostly older, ugly hags there now...I have walked in and out a few times.
  20. TenderVittles

    TenderVittles banned

    Yes 2090