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Discussion in 'Long Island' started by kardshark, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. b1gk1d


    Thanks for the review is she 6 or 7? lol
  2. AtlanticJim


    Still there

    First time poster so please be kind. .

    Stopped in today after painfully difficult heavily accented conversations on the phone. First call. . "come to exit" and second call "come to address". Only problem is that she did not know the address, had to put down the phone and ask.
    Met mamasan who put me in real room with pocket door and said wait. In came Sugee all smiles and giggles , 60 (non-negotiable) to the house and then she was back. Straddles my back for back rub through the towel for a minute or two and then the towel moved aside. As far as massage goes. it was pleasant enough. I was able to relax from that. Well, that and a bit of liquid courage as this was only my second AMP experience.
    After ten minutes of this and me stroking her legs the flip comes, she leans in close and asks what I want. "Everything" I said and the negotiation started. I pulled 90 from my pants and showed her that was all I had. Ok she says with a giggle and leaves to "wash up".
    Back in short order, has me lay prone and starts some manual and dato on my (which I stop . . cuz I dont like that). Flips me over for BBBJ. I would give it a 5 cause of the teeth, once covered it was more tolerable. Next the CJ with the worst acting I have ever seen. I take control and toss her around for about 15 till I finish her as a downward dog :).
    45 min
    appearance 6 (7 with my glasses off)
    Talent 6
    Enthusiasm forced.
    Damage 60/90
    I wont be back
  3. fuhecu2


    i must go to the other half cause nice c cups with nice face is not the norm on long island

  4. lowell


    After serveral tries (no answer to phone calls and nobody there once) finally tried this place. They were quite busy. Had Sughee. Very skilled, looks thirties but probably at least in 40s. A very nice time (DATY, CBJ). Asked if I wanted everything. I said yes. No discussion of $. I tipped 100 for a total of 160 since that seems to be roughly the market price and I was pleased with the service. Will repeat.
  5. genius


    I do remember her well from Marie st. She had this brown birth mark and a fantastic set of tits. I got her totally naked did some DATY and did a bit of slapping little genius against her clit but as soon as I made any effort to slide in she panicked and literally leaped off the table. Did a nice bj and I remember doing French and cumming all on her neck and hair and I helped her clean off the spots she missed (what a fine fellow I am - helping a girl clean up). I also remember her saying she was Japanese.(1/2 anyway)

    I do remember thinking she looked familiar when I met her on sunrise place - especially the birthmark. But she wasn’t wearing the white and black pullover shirt (that she wore the 3 times I saw her at Marie St.) so perhaps that’s why I didn’t remember her right away at Sunrise(that's a joke in case some of you guys don't know my dry sense of humor by now). As I recall her FS at Sunrise was uninspiring so I never came back.
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  6. paperpusher


    When she worked in Marie St., she refused to do FS with everyone. She started doing BBJs but quickly stopped doing those. Than one day, Genius stumbles upon her and posts it on these boards. He did not even remember it was the old Sugee from Marie St. She was now doing FS (though clearly not happy about it and pretty mechanical job) and was wearing the cheapest lingerie, that you would find in flea market, The whole time she was on autopilot.

    When the deed was done, than she morph in to another person and it was like we never had sex. We would discuss old times well over the time limit.
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  7. paperpusher


    She is also bonkers. She lives around Paramus Park. When not rush hour traffic, she says it takes two hours. She must have some kind of connection with the owners of t his place to travel here. Not many Japanese places out in the hinterlands of LI.
  8. paperpusher


    Thanks. I have two reviews on her in each location. One was in that infamous long Long Island section. She seems to have gotten a little more jaded over time, since my last visit. It is a shame. She really is a nice person even though like a like of Asians, is whacked.

    We had a great repor and one of my goals was always to have sex with her. She one time did the start of a great BBJ and had great suction. Then a few years later when I saw her again, her skills had eroded. Her vag feels like she has a tight seal in the entrance, but the rest of her is well broken in. With all that anticipation (especially those great tits for an asiian) and our relationship was very warm and chatty, she turned out to be another one of those "hurry up, did you come? types". Never went back because the distance was way off my flight path and no compelling reason to return. But I always wanted to have sex with a Japanese woman. One more thing to cross off my list. Not to find and Indian woman.
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    Yes thats her
  10. paperpusher



    Is this Sugee Japanese. Did she work in Hicksville (Marie St) and than Sunrise Highway and use to wear the same black and white horizontal striped shirt every day?
  11. ballys20


    There is a Sugee in Hicksville on Broadway - not sure if it is the same 'Sugee' - she's about 5'2" - nice C-cups and not a bad looking face. But of course, this could describe half of the AMP workers on the island.
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    Ddura711 Guest

    I frequent Gina & Sugee but I haven't been there in about a month. Are they gone now? I'll miss Sugee.
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    West Babylon
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    i did a search in bp, seems like all i got is sunrise hwy
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  17. kardshark


    This place has been on here before those that know it kn ow it as Ginas place, now has new number and new owners. Called and made appt. ( apparently they like you to call first ) showed up a few min. early and girl says you call you early and leads me to a room I say Ill take the half, apparently there is no half or hour just 60 house fee ( Ginas was 40 ) paid 60 because girl was pretty hot. Get on table door opens its a different girl but she was very nice also looks above avg. for local amps latelyId give her at least a7, body was wrapped in a nice red 1 piece micro mini with nice b+ to c cups. proceded with a nice massage all the time kept towel on so I was getting worried however after flipping over was asked the old what you want baby, told her everything and asked how much? Her answer suprised me she asked what you give me told her 80 she says ok thankyou wow no haggling at all. This girls worth every penny IMO, after taking dress off started with kissing my chest and working down to the boys giving them a good bath the alternated between a nice bj and the boys after a few minutes she slides up to mount me and I panic a little, no way am I going BB but she had put a condom on and I didnt even know it. She procedes to ride with a lot of energy and moaning asking if I wanted to change positions. Milked me completely and then stayed on top until I had wilted and fell out, Helped me dress and was on my way total time about 35 min. Girls name is NONIE