631-923-3444 Asian Spa, Huntington Station

Discussion in 'Long Island' started by chumpmatic, Jan 29, 2016.

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    I don't see any ads on BP as of this writing.
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    so this place was busted but is now re-opened?
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  5. evens1234


    went back here in oct with no review so heres another one.

    visited here around 8pm on a monday. greeted by the older women who is VERY nice but i dont like to go with anymore because her kitty has some long danky lips.

    asked for the other girl, totally forgot her name, she says yes of course and went to get her. she comes in as im about to lay on the table and spanks my ass pretty hard and it made such a loud sound! i was scared the older lady thought i did that to her worker! haha. took thehour for .6o. I hate that these ladies still use a towel on you when they give you a rub but whatever. ST starts and ive gone to this girl enough that she knows what i want. nice light licking on my sack from behind as im up on all 4s. reaching around and giving me HE from behind. tells me to flip. She uses little oil and i drop her pants right away, rubbing kitty until shes soak. She goes in for a lout of DFK and is pretty bad at it but she is learning i guess haha! feels like im making out with a virgin lol. i ask for DATY an she jumps up in 69 position while i go to town on her sweet clean kitty with a nice bush!!!! she is still HE me while i DATY and using 1 finger on her bhole to rub lightly and she very much enjoyed it. I pop with some insane force.

    hot towel clean up and while im still on my back she started a good massage on my head, head, and legs for about 25 minutes. i just lay there on the verge of falling asleep. tip .40 and she is happy

    she always me where i am from and what im having for dinner when i go home. one time she asked if she can have dinner with me when i told her i was having chicken. I laughed jokingly but pretty sure she was dead serious lol.
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    This is my first review. I decided to give this place a try since I'm moving to the area shortly. Called on a Sunday night around 9pm, they said they were closing at 10pm. Arrived by 9:30 to see an empty parking lot with one guy standing next to his car smoking. Undeterred went in, greeted by an Amy and led to a room with a door and asked for a half hr/40. She returned, dimmed lights asked if I've been there before, responded with necessary fib. Virtually no massage probably due to the time of night, asked to flip about 2mins in. She said , you give 40 ok? I said ok, and she 2 handed, jackhammered me to a rough completion, probably to facilitate a hasty departure, as her van was out front to drive her back to queens, I suppose. On the plus side she was very personable, mid forties I'd guess. Total time in, 15 mins.

    Amy- appearance 6.5/10
    - massage 2/10
    - he 2/10
    *Curious to try again when she's not in a rush
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    Never got either names. Think there are only 2 girls working. One who is maybe mid 30s and one pushing high 40s. Both super friendly. The mid 30s is the one I got daty and 2 pops always. The older one just enjoys UTC kitty petting. They both have some big bush. I am a huge bush guy so I Dont MInd at all
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    evens1234 - did either girl give their name?
  9. evens1234


    been here quite a few times but ill post my most recent visit.

    I dont really like the location and i honestly dont see it lasting long. anyway.

    visited on a saturday around 5pm. older lady answered the door. Asked to use the bathroom and went to take a piss. As im walking to the back to the bathroom i see another women who iv have had everytime iv gone there and get more extras every time. I exit the bathroom and that same lady puts me into a room. .6o for hour and i undress. Everytime she puts a towel on my butt/back and starts a very lame massage with it on me and i end up taking it off half way thru. lame massage but she loves to make a little chatter and very friendly. with each more chatter she always does a reach around for jim and the boys and gives a few very good strokes.

    She uses oil for a pretty decent body rub that i enjoy each time. after a hot towel clean up she does little ST until i do the lift off move and im on all 4's with her stroking me from behind. Flip comes and she slaps some oil onto her hands and goes to work. very very very good HE. Top gets lifted up and nip sucking is happening, she gets real close and turns it into DFK for as long as she wants. not a fan of DFK from providers so i pull back and drop her short shorts and start rubbing away at her kitty until its soaking. i tell her to get on top of me so i can lick. she got all nervous and pointed to the door that was cracked open. i said lock it and she did it. she jumps on top and im daty. SUPER wet juicy kitty and i even popped a finger into her ass. she is still giving me a great HE while on top and i popped the largest load i ever popped in my life. clean up was nice. she starts a nice arm, neck, head and leg massage after my pop that lasted close to 40 minutes until she kept grabbing jim and making comments saying "again?" she has offered this in the past but by the time HE ends jim cant get hard for another few hours. this time he got pretty rock hard and she got all excited and grabed more oil and started another HE. it was near perfect and last a pretty long time and she never gave up. I just couldnt pop agian and told her to stop and that we will do 2 next time. got dressed and tip .6o and she was more than happy.

    this place is pretty good but i dont know how long it was last
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    With underwear on it looked like a airbag went off!!
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    visited here 2 weeks ago.

    greeted by older women, not bad looking but not too good looking. id say about 6/10 on scale. took hr for .60. TS was pretty lame. no attention to the boys at all.

    got into room and she started one of the worst massages of my life. she left a towel on my back the entire massage and i kept taking it off and saying no towel but she insisted to put it back on. 0 attention to the boys for pretty much the entire time and was getting concerned she would try and do HE with limpy. had to think really hard to get jim up. after 25 minutes of the worst massage with a towel on my back she take its of and goes right for jim and the boys and he got all excited. she makes me flip right away and she does a good HE. got her top off and lower half off as well and pulled down panties with no resistance at all. in all my years of expereince this lady took the championship for largest bush iv ever seen or felt. i didnt mind at all and infact it got jim even more excited when she left me rub kitty until she was soaked and moaning until i popped. hot towel clean up and she then started a shoulder and leg massage for another 30 minutes. entire time the door bell rang like 5 times and she kept making jobs that i called all my friends to come by. one monger got let in with the other girl who was pretty large and in charge. i was getting dressed at the time and i would of thought they would wait until the new monger gets into his room before they escorted me out but nope. they escorted me out into the long hall way to walk to the door in shame with the other monger walking past me (sorry to who the monger who it was, it was pretty awkward)

    anyway i tipped 20 since the massage was so bad, idk if i would repeat.

    TS - 2/10
    massage - 1/10
    ST - 3/10
    HE - 9/10
    bush level 10/10
  12. elee02


    First time hunting this far out on the island... Went midday.

    Wanted to try the one at 935 York ave originally since theres no review here on it, but the parking on York stinks. The parking here is good, almost too good. Was one of 5 cars in the lot.

    Didnt like that there was some grandpa looking dude sitting outside the liquor store next door but that didnt stop me. Apparently it didn't stop another two mongers either, but they left, not sure why, didnt hear what was said.

    Met Amy, if shes 10 years younger than Yumi as mentioned below, Yumi is pushing 50 not 40s. Good body on Amy though. Guess the age doesn't matter much anyway as the lamp goes off and the only light in the room is a little nightlight on the floor.

    For a R&T , pretty much average. The rub was sub par, not horrid, but expected a little more technique and strength. TS was lackluster, shes fully clothed and rooms a bit cold. The hallway is rather sterile looking, just white, all white. Ugly floor tiles, not sure how clean they are, glad i had my own slippers. She was surprised i came prepared. The HE was good, pretty sure thats as far as it goes, similar to Soapland in midtown a few years back. Got everything off except the panties, soft skin, nice waist, squeezable A's. Lots of touching and contact but no bj no fs.

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  13. asianmaster65


    Recently went back and was told Yumi no longer works here. Oh no Mr. Bill, checked out the new girl Amy. She is definitely younger by possibly 10 years and prettier with a hot little body. Unfortunately, she gave a average massage and release, while shorting me 10 minutes (maybe because I didn't partake with the table shower). Nice rack and tight little body, when I got her sweats down, I found the panty hose defense. I guess for Long Island it's ok, but Yumi's massage and st were soo much better. My bad for not getting her number.
  14. asianmaster65


    Last week stopped by to check the place out. Called ahead found it located in a little strip mall. No buzzer but bells on the door that jingle when you walk in. As previously reported, the place is nice and clean. Had a session with Yumi, which was yummy. A women in her mid 4os who knows her craft. Nice person, easy to talk to. Massage was energetic and thorough, one of the better ones for sure. ST was amazing between her edging technique and getting my 1st PM. For a R&T with a mature provider, you can't go wrong.
  15. chumpmatic


    Yeah, I actually did. Two times.
    She is quite acceptable by amp standards and I've no complaints about either the massage or the HE.

    However, I do prefer yumi.
    Mostly because of her massage techniques of long continuous strong hand strokes and not skipping an inch on your body.

    Again, jenny is no slouch. I enjoyed my visits with her for both massage and HE. I munched on her nips and A cups for a few minutes after the flip. There's no annoying 'try to convince' argument you have to go through like with some amp chicks. With her, it's smooth and easy and available when you want it.
    Utc both upstairs and downstairs was no problem.

    Both sessions were really good and I can easily recommend her.

    I don't know if extras like bbbj or fs are available but they may be because when I asked her to lock the door, she did.
    No harm in asking when you guys go.

    So yeah, both jenny and yumi are worth a visit if you're OK with non young but skilled amp workers who will massage you and satisfy you and are friendly, speak English, follow directions, and provide a good decent service.
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    Did you ever have a chance to try out Jenny?
  17. chumpmatic


    Just remembered that tip was 40 the first time I went there.
    Second time I gave her an extra 20 because it was two pops but also because she worked very hard and for a very long time to get that second pop and she did it without complaining.
    She stayed with it like a champ until I was done and I felt she deserved the extra tip.
    BTW, they have that little white amp bell out front but the door was open both times I visited and it jingles when you open it.
  18. chumpmatic


    It's a relatively new place but with it being on semon road how can you not go ?

    Been here a couple of times in the last two months. Area is about a mile north of the LIRR Huntington train station.

    It's located off NY ave - make a left right after the home depot shopping mall if you're going north on NY ave.

    It's a little strip mall on the right, right after you make the left. Far left corner. Plenty of parking. The area was never busy when I was there in the AM. Liquor store, deli, nail spa, etc.

    I had Yumi both times but there is a Jenny there as well who I haven't even seen yet. Yumi told me about her.

    Rooms are fully built out with fully walled privacy and actual doors. Lot of space and shelves and all. Heated massage table.

    They have a table shower room with a nice huge table and tons of hot water. You undress in your room and they have a robe and slippers for you. The table shower room is just a couple of doors down.

    She does not undress. Just showers you really well and scrubs everything on both sides. Lather rinse and then another rinse. Then you stand up afterwards and she pours water over your front and back. Then dries you off and puts the robe back on. One thing I really liked was when she got down and dried my feet. Attention to detail.

    Back to the room and on the table which is nice and toasty.
    Btw, it is the Standard 60/hr and I always tip 40 for a HR unless there's more to be had.

    Firstly, she is no beauty queen and is probably pushing mid 40s and I may be being kind here but I'm not too good with telling how old they are. She's got an okay body, no boobage just some nipplage, but an acceptable little booty.
    She is a nice happy positive person though so it's a pleasant experience for ya.

    It has been only otc so far on the bottom but I did play up top with my hands with her nips a bit while she kept her shirt on.

    Anyway, she can give a pretty decent massage.
    She uses her hands elbows and even feet (like a back walk without actually walking) to crack your back. I like it strong and she took care of business. I liked it very much.

    She doesn't shy away from vigorously doing your lower back, butt and even your crack on one fell swoop.
    Used oil. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    She played with the boys and butt and even reached around underneath, once instructed, for some delicious stroking of Mr happy. She did my legs and feet as all. Many places skip the feet but I was pleased she did them on her own.

    Very easy to get along with and speaks English well. Is friendly and takes direction well.

    Then hot towel to clean back and flip.
    Nice two handed technique on both twig and berries for a comprehensive sensory overload and eventual spew.

    The second time I was there I actually asked for two pops and she totally obliged. Same tip and no complaints at all. Happy even. She had to work really hard for the second pop and it was taking a very long time and she was getting tired and sweaty but never quit. She surprised me and played with the back door a bit. I'd never had that before and it was an experience. First prostate message. Different. Little weirded out but surprisingly it did the trick.

    After that cleanup, for which she used paper and alcohol spray and hot towel, she sat me up and did some more massage on my shoulders. I actually asked her to do my head and scalp before sitting me up and she happily obliged.

    Then helped dress me. I gave her the $40 tip after I finished dressing and she just gracefully accepted it and thanked me.

    She seems to speak Korean and Japanese and some Chinese but I think she's Korean.

    Overall, well worth my time and money and I'm quite the satisfied customer.

    I'll try out Jenny and report back.


    Asian Spa open 9Am-10 PM. Call 631-923-3444 make your appointment or just walk in Relax, Recharge,special Asian touch! Our Clean and Private Rooms have a soft music playing .available at a special price of $ 60.00 dollars for one hour. It is time for you to be happy .Credit cards accepted 829; 829; 829; 631-923-3444

    17 Semon Rd Huntington NY 11743
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