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Discussion in 'North East' started by jdw, Aug 27, 2009.

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  1. GMackin


    -Now if I could only find that 'AMP school' I'd be so willing to be the subject.

    -$150 for a full hour? Biggest tip here is, well, it prolly ain't yours.

    Just wondering, why do we put need to type pussy or orgasm in as*****s?
  2. jdw


    New joint in Massapequa advertised on CL. Visited yesterday. Bad feeling from beginning when a camry with Pa. plates was parked on side of building next to fire hydrant with asian girl wearing sunglasses talking on cell phone. Place advertises 'very sexy girls'. At this point I figured I made the drive so WTF. Rang bell and was let in by 'Anna'. Saw mammasan, pretty sure she was the same one from 1492 Wantagh Ave. Anna was a 6.5 in looks but don't think she went to AMP school. 50 for hr. Gave a 3 minute light rub then asked what else I wanted. She wanted 100 for fs. After the lame attempt at massage the last thing I was going to do was reward her with a large 'tip' Ate the p**** until she gave a lame fake or****. Gave me a hj with no oil where she practicall pulled the boy off my body. Some asian guy came in to talk to the mammasan at the entrance so Anna let me out the back door. The camry girl was still there but left as soon as I approached. Will not repeat or recommend as for 70 I have had much better times. Left feeling very uncomfortable. Hope this place is gone by next week or they get better girls.