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    Reasons why...

    I disagree... the only reason that _I_ am exploring "it" is because of lack of such at home. I don't want to "chase" anyone... I want the encounter to be as simple and as straightforward as possible. Take care of my need and I'll take care of yours, that is it. If I know your name that is fine but I don't need to.

    I will/would be very nice/kind/respectful so no one should think I am a jerk to a/the girl but again the only reason I think of this as an option is to take care of a need... is because it is not being taken care of at home. Unfortunately that is the only real negative in my home relationship.

    IMHO if someone was interested in "the chase" they would be out to bed a girl w/o exchanging any $, they would try to do it on their looks, wit or charm. Involving $ makes it pretty straightforward and again IMHO takes any sort of "chase" out of it.

    As for "the thrill"... I'll race cars or go skydiving when I want a thrill. I'll exchange a need for a need when I am too tired of taking care of my own need with my hand, especially when I have had to take care of myself more often then not for the last several years.

    Excuse me now while I go for a walk on 6th Ave towards Times Square...

    (I apologize if I am not using correct terms, etc. I am new to this site).
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    (Disclaimer: IMO)

    Beep Beep wrong answer

    it's cuz men like the thrill of the chase, the challenge and the capture.

    over and over again.

    Variety is the spice of life.

    By the way, so do we.So don't think what you, can do we can't!!!
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    Nobody takes the next step of asking if men are being taken care of at home. Most of them aren't. The percentage of partnered men paying for it would be less if they were getting taken care of by their wives and girlfriends.
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    They always make it seem like it is the guys fault. Maybe the providers are having a great time....and getting paid well.

    Dam, if I could be a male provider I would do it. Getting paid to have sex all the time.
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    Oh, yeah, she probably don't know what a happy ending is.

    Hehhee hehhee, Yeah, I have seen a lot of happy endings.

    Yeah, the truth shall set you free, believe it, more free than you want to be.
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    unlike the real mother goose, these stories will keep you up all night
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    Yeah but I wont give up the names of the judges, majicians, hbo writers and producers, actors, atheletes and mobsters that have been through my doors.

    THATS what they really want.

    Thats why I always put in different names and avoid events that are too obvious in my stories......not to mention I've been really busy these days.

    Mother Goose will try and post some more bedtime stories when she can!
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    April has better stories than these two.
  10. Al Kikuras

    Al Kikuras

    What is the %

    Of females who are prostitutes? Most are whores in one way or another, and sneak around just like UG members. Women are better sneaks than men anyway.
  11. probably 100% on this board
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    Love this hobby...
    So what do you all think is the approximate % of men in the US that have been with a working girl (whether it was in this country or another) at least once or more?? My guess is at least 60-70%..Maybe I am way off..but what's the consensus here fellas...
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    Who, me? Never

    The truth about men and prostitutes


    Dimitra Ekmektsis, author of "Confessions of a High-Priced Call Girl," writes that she bedded Aaron Sorkin, producer of the TV series "The West Wing."

    Prostitution may be the world's oldest profession, but modern women don't want to admit that their husbands or boyfriends have ever engaged in the sex trade.
    Of course, in most cases what she doesn't know just won't hurt her.

    "Most women are pretty naive if they believe their husband or boyfriend has never done it," says psychologist Cooper Lawrence, author of "Been There, Done That, Kept the *****ry."

    "It's like saying, 'Oh, my husband doesn't look at porn.'"

    Eric, a 26-year-old law student, admits he and his pals have ordered up some late-night fun on several occasions since graduating from college.

    "You can find them on Craig's List, and after a late night out a few of us have called some of the numbers and gotten some girls over to a buddy's place," he admits with an ounce of shame.

    Eric estimates that at least a third of his friends have been with a hooker but says it's a secretive stat. "You only tell your closest friends," he says.

    "It's a little bit embarrassing - more than a little bit embarrassing. I'll bet a lot of my friends have done it and not told me. I only tell my really close friends."

    And would he ever admit it to a girlfriend, or even his future wife?

    "I would never tell a woman I was dating, sleeping with or about to marry. That is the kind of thing they never need to know."

    "When most people think of men visiting prostitutes, they imagine that it is because the man wants something odd or strange that his wife won't do and that prostitution is only for sexual deviants," says Lawrence. "That's just not true. Most studies show that 76% of visits to a prostitute just include regular vaginal intercourse."

    Lawrence adds that men from all walks of life occasionally engage the company of a paid companion.

    "It is just as common for a street laborer as it is for a high-paid lawyer," she says. "All ages, all incomes, all demographics, all kinds of men visit prostitutes."

    Phillip, a 25-year-old banker, has been with his girlfriend for seven years and has ordered in a prostitute at least 12 times since they have been dating.

    "My girlfriend really thinks I got way too drunk and spent the night at a buddy's house. Which I did. I just wasn't alone," he admits.

    Matrimonial attorney Sue Moss of Chemtob Moss Forman Talbert, LLP, says her female clients are always surprised when they find out their husbands were patrons of the world's oldest profession.

    "The most popular services in my cases are Tri-State Personal Touch, Utopia, Promtact and International Escort Services," she says. "We run into these companies again and again. The men are going to prostitutes, and when they go it is not just one or two times. Usually, these 'habits' last for years. Sometimes, it is the same woman, often different women but from the same agency.

    "It can become quite an addiction. We usually find out about it when tens of thousands are being spent each year with companies with dubious names."

    And their wives had no idea.

    But sometimes a man just gets lucky.

    "Look, I told my wife I have gotten a few happy endings," Mike, a 32-year-old newlywed in Manhattan, tells us about his visits to massage parlors.

    "But she didn't believe me. She thought I was joking. That was just fine with me. I told the truth."

    Originally published on August 10, 2006