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    Was in the Tuscon area and thought I use my free time getting a massage.

    The back page link is here:

    40 for 30min, 60 for 60. I went for the 1/2 hour

    Walk in to a room with a door and sliding window. I was greeting by a BEAUTIFUL girl, Anna. 5' tall, small but not petite in the skinny fragile sense. Just "small" BU she had magnificent real C cups which were perfect for her body.

    She took my by the hand (soft SOFT hands) and led me to the room. Told her 30 min, gave the 40. When she came back I was still puttin gmy clothes away and asked for water (Its DRY in Tuscon) and she brought back a bottled water.

    Gentle, teasing massage. Shoulder, back, arms, legs, WHHOOOPS got the butt crack, taint, balls several times. After a bit, "oil?" yes.

    A bit later, hot towel to remove oil and some more rubbing.

    Turned over

    Cupped the balls and brushed - here too? YES.

    How much?

    Well, for waht - made hand motion and pointed to mouth.

    She asked again, I pointed to mouth 60?
    mouth 100
    hand 60

    Grrrrrr....but GODDAMN SHE IS BEAUTIFUL, sweet, and young....

    Smoth HJ, ball play, wandering finger to ahole

    touched her thigh <innocently testing waters> Then ass, then those wonderful, wonderful tits. Both hands, now, played with nips, cupping gently squeezing, thrusting into her hand.....oh go, it was great.

    blew my load clean up with tissues foirst, then hot towel. When they do that I bend my arms and rub temples, this ALWAYS seems to get them to sit at my head and I get a NICE head and face massage.

    She hugged me.

    Was GREAT.

    Might show up wtih $100. I need to me penetrate that sweet mouth and release.