A belated review of Pamela from AATR

Discussion in 'New York' started by thezoos, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. thezoos


    if it turned out she had cold sores for real then i'd have thanked her for not wanting to spread them (but told her she probly shouldnt have worked on a day when they were bothering her)... however for cup2 she gladly offered bbbj which led me to the conclusion that she was afear'd about cim. (since it takes a lot longer the second time)

    thx for your concern val and to everyone for reading the review :) carry on

  2. erueru


    Not when there's money involved and you've ALREADY paid, or the session has ALREADY started.
  3. SubmissiveAngel


    not to sound stupid, but don't guys want to use a cover (or maybe forgo the bj altogether) if the girl has cold sores?
  4. AnAffairtoRemem

    AnAffairtoRemem Bronze

    Pamela is GFE/PSE & We do offer UG Discount

    Pamela is GFE/PSE (in the island hoping way) I will have to ask her about that going back and forth with it in your session!!!!

    I fired her friend because she wasn't GFE.

    We are a GFE Agency with all the girls being GFE unless stated not when thet just start working which changes very quickly when they see how clean and nice my clients are. I have actually have had to not accept appointment with certain guys because I knew they would ruin it for the rest of you!!!!

    I have to thank BMM who has personally "trained" a few of my young girls when he wanted to be first and didn't want to wait!!

    Thanks BMM, I know I should be paying you LOL
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  5. emarbles


    Does Val offer a UG discount? I have seen her girls a few times and did not mention UG and wound up paying $325.

    by the way, excellent review.
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  6. homerj12345


    Isn't she advertised as a GFE/PSE? A CBJ does not sound very PSEish to me.
  7. thezoos


    I am sorry I have not posted sooner, as my experience with Pamela took place about 3 weeks ago. Its been hard getting computer time without others in the house.

    I had some $ burning a hole in my pockets, and Lo and behold Lil Zoos was about to stick out of the hole, so I figured I'd better remedy that by calling Val tout suite and making an appt ... smile

    I was going to go with Karina, but the picture of Pamela caught my eye, and while I was on the phone I asked if Pamela was gfe. Val replied of course, and she was actually available sooner than Karina would have been... a plus because I did not have too much time to spare.

    After a 20 mins ride, made enjoyable by listening to the neo- rockabilly melodies of Tiger Army I arrived at the motel a lil early and had to wander around a tad while Pamela got ready. Once i got to the room I was surprized to see that the cleaning ladies were in there cleaning up the place! Big frowns. Pamela gave them money from her own pocket to do another room for the time being, which i thought was very nice of her. Props for Pamela.

    The door closed and the session began.

    Lets start with Looks. Pamela is not your stereotypical "slimline" incall girl. She is made for a niche audience and I happen to be a member of that Niche. The question you want to ask when deciding to see Pamela or not is whether a small girl with a Huge bubble butt (i believe the webster's term is Pa-donk-a-donk) is what you are into. (For other examples see, well pretty much any Latin or WoC specialty porn.) If not she might not be for you, but if that's your thing she will be right up your alley. Face wise she's fine, not amazing but surely not bad. She has a scar from either a tummy- tuck or a c section (not sure) and a boob job. The boob job was fairly nicely done although exepriments later showed (lol) that for some inexplicable reason one boob was harder to the touch than the other. Boggles the mind.

    well enough of descriptions and cheap plugs for TZ's favorite band.

    onto the service. first things first, I hit the shower quick before the activities commenced.

    We started out with some mutual undressing, and LFK. Daty was a pleasurable experience for us both. However the session hit a snag when the bj was about to begin, as Pamela reached for a cover, which in the mind of TZ and his millions of fans is not gfe. I was like why the cover and she mentioned something about cold sores. frowns. Well I endured like the trooper I am and we finished up cup1 with reverse cg with me reaching-around to fondle her boobs and getting an eye full of that pa-donk-a-donk... smile.

    I hit the shower between rounds as always, to get lil zoos his coffee break.

    R2 began with more wonderful daty. It became time for more cbj action (frown) when Lo and behold (did i use that expression twice? I must be getting less creative as the weather gets warmer) this time it is a bbbj. hot damn! well it was a lot more enjoyable than the cbj (duh) and we were doing the 65+4 thing for a while when the bj kind of abruptlyu stopped and a cover went on. We were back to CG (non reverse this time) before I could say boo. Ah, i thought, she must be paranoid about CIM, thats why she wants the first round to be covered. Well one thing led to another and we finished up doggie. I took up a solid 50 of the alloted 60mins and washed up and said my bye byes.

    OK props and slops time.

    Props: The gesture of tipping the cleaning lady struck me as very nice.
    The Azz. Pa. Donk. A. Donk.
    During R2 before i was hard, she did this thing where she put the entire package in her mouth all at once (jewels and all) which was an interesting and pleasurable experience.

    Slops: CBJ... From an AATR girl... frowns!

    Recommendations: I would probably choose another girl over Pamela for my next session, but i would not cry or anything if I ended up seeing her again. She is probably worth your $$$ if you are into her body type, as I said before. However for service, Jessie will do a lot more in terms of leaving you feeling like you just went buck-wild with a crazed horny sex kitten.

    Pamela offered many smiles but also too many frowns... Not on the No list but not on the definite revisit list.

    Well thx for reading along and comments are always welcomed.