A Dream Come True

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    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    I have long enjoyed the company, beauty and exquisite talents of my favorite lady. I drive long anxious hours to a hotel suite and await her arrival. When she literally explodes through the door, her energy and passion is palpable and we proceed to engage our mutual passion and lust long into the night and morning, stopping only long enough to share a meal or a drink or a bath. And then she is gone, and I have the memory of her body and the lingering aroma of her perfume on the long drive home.
    Yesterday was different, very different. She agreed to come to me this time, taking the long unfamiliar drive with my meticulous directions. If you know her at all, traveling by car is always an adventure. Her arrival was right ontime, well almost, a little discussion<g> with Vermont's finest and a mishap on my winding dirt road did not deter. It wasnt long before we were wrapped up in the first of many delightful physical explorations. I began to experience a side to her that I had never seen. No beeper, no cell phone, no distractions from her complicated life. She was relaxed. Whether cuddling on the couch, preparing a meal of her favorite shrimp, making love outdoors and in, taking a shower , snapping pictures or just talking, her languid sensuality was a revelation. As for me, being in familiar surroundings( my house with its discreet privacy and access to nature) only served to amplify my pleasure and comfort- and from her responses the effect was mutual.
    Much has been written about this lady, so if you need details, you know where to look. I know some people find this sort of thing frustrating, this is for those that appreciate and cherish her.
    Thank you Pamala for a memorable day and the daily memories I will carry. Come back soon, you know you need no invitation.