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    actually, it was on the way to Ginja, in Stamford, ct. I coulldn't wait to get there after lespaul63's recent visit and description of Jessica. Ginja has been my regular place for a while. The girls rarely disappoint and they have those little hard candies by the door which you can take on the way out. Anyway, I was really looking forward to getting my hands on Jessica so, one thursday afternoon I called to make an evening appointment. No Jessica here, I was informed. "you must mean ****ifer." O.K. i ifgured- an honest enough mistake- I get there at eight- heart pounding as usual. I walk in and explain that i'm here for ****ifer. "oh, no ****ifer, here" i'm told. That was kind of curious and a little annoying- Fuck it- i thought- i was there- I was hungry and ready- O.K. show me what you got, i said. The first two offers were not to my liking. As painful as it was, I had to say no thanks with the girls standing right there next to me. I hate doing that but decided a long time ago that if you're going to take the risks and spend the dough, you might as well get what you want. Anyway, number three walks in and was just fine,- Kind of petite- i like that- pretty face- nice bod- perfect- just a little facial acne ( i could live with that) so i was happy- I asked her what her name was- ****ifer, she replies- WHAT'S GOING ON? i wondered? I forgot about that concern soon enough as my eyes roamed her body and i imagined what the next hour might bring.

    I'll descibe all the stuff you panting pervs want to know before proceeding with my own question. It was off to the table shower first- i love this- you watch the girl out of the corner of your eye- you imagine what's under the little bit of clothing she's got on and you realize that in a couple of minutes- it's all yours for the taking. Anyway back to the room for an all right massage during which she's wearing bra and G string. Then she flops on her back and asks what I might be interested in. I told her i wanted it all x 2. After a generous offer on my part (2.0) sorry guys - i know this sets a bad precedent but i prefer to spend a few extra bucks than to haggle pre-BJ.. Anyway I wanted her pretty bad and not just for a little while so i thought it was woth it. She seemed happy with that after expressing some concern about my being able to pull it off (thanks a lot, I thought) she got naked, and proceeded to give me a really good CBJ. When that was done, I got the promise that the second time would be a lot better. ( I like to go for it twice if the girl turns me on. The first time, for me, is usually mostly about sexual release and the second time a lot slower, more relaxed and enjoyable in a different sort of way.) So- it's between ends of the double header, now. I put her on her stomach- legs spread, me sitting on her gorgeous little naked butt- ( life is good) and gave her a massage till i was ready for round two. She loved that and told me so- I told her to ask for me by name if she ever went back there, and to my great surprise- actually got a laugh. Imagine that- this 25 year old, sexy Korean girl just gave me a great BJ, I'm about to turn her over for round two and she laughed at my crack-- Second time around was no disapointment- Just about everything imagineable got either licked or sucked. She offered herself in a sweet 69 while working on me but i managed to resist ( thanks for anti DATY feedback from last entry, guys) We switched aroud positions a couple of time when i announced that she was great but i didn't think i'd be successful in coming again- she wanted no part of that talk and basically insisted i keep trying- The encouragemnet (and hand around my balls) seemed to do the trick and we finished off the session- quite satisfied.

    Here's my question- The whole Jessica/ ****ifer bit got me wondering- Did 50 guys call to make an appointment with Jessica after lespaul63's entry? How many of us are out there? How many look at this site? Are we a handful of horny losers who can't type or a movement in the making. You wonder if all this chit chat is good or bad? Was the real Jessica sent off somewhere cause she was too good? Are we shooting ourselves in the foot?- in the groin? food for thought-

    Anyway Ginja was great and usually is pretty good- so you can go there and ask for ****ifer, or whas it Jessica?
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