"A Life Cut Short"

Discussion in 'New York' started by Paige, May 20, 2001.

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  1. fishfry


    What are hoovies?

  2. Paige


    Yes ,It's all too sad

    These are awful things we hear everyday and worse.
    The real issue isn't so much about SP safety as it is that we as people belong to someone and that much too
    often we show a flagrant disregard for people in general.
    Why that girl was there I don't know. As someone said
    could have been anything and that is so true.
    The bigger point is how we treat other.Because in an instant it can all be gone.
    As alway's JMO,
  3. jras


    piece of my heart

    your words reached in and ripped my heart out
    your beauty has taken on new dimensions
  4. Candide


    This makes me cry. I'm grieving for her...whoever she is :(
  5. Paige


    Yesterday, as I was on my way back from the Pharmacy I heard on the Radio about a young lady that was murdered at a local Queens Motel near the Airport. She was found dead by the maid. When the maid was questioned the maid told the polics that the Gentleman in the room asked her to come back in 20 minutes and when the maid came back she discovered the partially nude dead body of this woman( early 30's according to report).I was quite sad that a young lady meets her end in a motel in that manner. Was she an Escort? Was she that guy's girlfriend? Was she there to buy drugs? Did he pick her up off the street? NONE OF THIS MATTERS and you may well say it might explain things. Yes, it might but that girl was someone's child, maybe someone's sister,someone's mother or someone's wife and somebody's loved one. And someone is grieving for her as we speak. Yes, every life no matter how sad has value. Sometimes the circumstances really matter very little how we come to places and point's in our lives. It's what we do with the challenges we face and how we cope. I also have another message and that is to the "Hobbyists" out there please let us screen you please let us feel safe. If this god forbid was your friend or someone even closer to you that wound up this way I think you would have wanted her to have the cooperation of Hobbyists. This is not alway's the best profession granted but as long as we do it and enjoy it we need to feel safe. So please I really ask you to understand how we feel and if u have concerns regarding an escorts credibility do your homework check reviews talk to people . I know you need to feel safe as well but the Independent is at far greater risk. Most of you gents are dolls if I haven't seen you other gals have and most of the regulars here are friendly I know in your hearts you would be beside yourself with grief if something happened to one of us. So let's spread the word and really cooperate because life is so fragile and can be over in less than 20 minutes and we are loved by someone aren't we. We all belong to someone. even if we feel all alone there is one person that will always love us and that's God (he doesn't judge) Take Care Be SAFE Kiss Kiss & Hoovies PaigeOFNYC