A new angle on an old vice, corruption Rethuglican style.

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    It doesn't... he's a hypocrite like all the rest.

    Notice there was never a mention of all the democrats who were funneled money thru Jack Abramoff or his employees in the thread he started or from any of the democratic mouth pieces. Democrats like Harry Reid and Tom Harkin both of whom were bribed with cash and received gifts such as the use of Abramoff’s skybox for their fundraisers for helping with the National Indian Gaming Commission on behalf of some Indian tribe and their new casinos in Arizona (or Iowa ?). Abramoff while a repulican didn't just lobby the GOP.
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    Corruption has no party affiliation, its all about the money. So send them all away.

    A timely and almost upto date list but I think you left out William Magear Tweed.

    BTW I’m still waiting for that applause from you, or is that the sound of 1 hand clapping.
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    Hang'em high is the best recourse. Any corrupt politician damages much more then a few individuals. My favorite Dems belonging to the category are US Rep. James Traficant, Clarence Norman Jr. and Mayor Joseph Ganim. Hawaii, the land of water and sun has been pretty busy, never mind Washington DC. Perhaps it's the individuals and not the party, I don't think greed has a political viewpoint.

    A short walk down memory lane:

    * Nov. 27, 1997, Former Senate President James Aki, a Democrat representing the 21st District of Nanakuli-Waianae and Makaha, pleaded no contest to felony gambling charges, but was allowed to remain out of prison and in office.
    * June 17, 1998, Daniel Kihano, former speaker of the House, was sentenced to two years in federal prison for illegally spending $27,000 in campaign funds for personal use and for trying to cover up the theft.
    * December 1999, Milton Holt, , a Democrat, one of the most powerful state senators of his time, was sentenced to a year in federal prison for one count of mail fraud involving the use of campaign contributions for personal purposes. Five other federal counts against him were dropped in a plea bargain agreement. The senator had a well-publicized history of drug abuse problems and abuse of his family members, particularly his wife. In exchange for Holt's guilty plea, the federal government dropped five other counts of mail fraud.
    * Aug. 28, 2001, then Honolulu City Council Chair Jon Yoshimura, a Democrat running for state Senate, acknowledging he lied when he told reporters he did not drink before a hit and run traffic accident in July 13, 1999.
    * Dec. 6, 2001, Former Council Member Andy Mirikitani, a Democrat, was sentenced to four years and three months in federal prison for a kickback and extortion scheme and must pay $6,884 in restitution.
    * Jan. 8, 2002, Democrat Marshall Ige, former legislator who served in the House and Senate for 16 years, pled guilty to five criminal counts, including two felonies -- second-degree theft and attempting to evade taxes and three misdemeanor counts of failure to file his tax returns.
    * May 24, 2002, eight of 15 Honolulu Liquor Commission inspectors, working under the Democrat-appointed liquor commissioner, were indicted on 57 counts of racketeering and extortion for allegedly taking bribes from bar owners in return for ignoring liquor law violations.
    * June 18, 2002, Lokelani Lindsey, former trustee of the $6 billion Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate Trust who made more than $1 million annually as a trustee until she was forced out in 1999, plead guilty in federal court in Las Vegas to federal money-laundering and conspiracy charges.
    * June 27, 2002, Former Councilmember Rene Mansho, a Democrat, member of the Honolulu City Council for 10 years, was sentenced to one year in prison, five years probation and a $25,000 fine. The fine was in addition to the $40,000 she previously paid the state Campaign Spending Commission, and the $40,000 in restitution she already paid the city. Mansho plead guilty to using her city employees and city facilities during city time to campaign for her and work for non-profit agencies she supported.
    * June 28, 2002, a federal grand jury indicted Democrat state Rep. Nathan Suzuki on five counts, including three counts of filing false personal income tax returns from 1996 to 1998. He also was charged with two counts for failing to disclose interests in corporations in Hong Kong and the kingdom of Tonga in 1997 and 1998.
    * Now under investigation by the city prosecutor, the state Campaign Spending Commission, the U.S. Attorney, the Internal Revenue Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is the campaign and administration of Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris for a myriad of charges including exchanging city contracts for campaign contributions. Investigators also are looking into the possibility that the Harris campaign funneled more than $90,000 to a woman arrested on charges of promoting prostitution. There already have been two secret grand juries convened to investigate the Harris administration, with a third scheduled for tomorrow, Oct. 31.
    * Several state employees at the Honolulu International Airport are under investigation by the state Attorney General for a kickback scheme that involve government bureaucrats working under a Democrat appointee.
    * Most recently, the state Department of Housing head Sharon Miyashiro, a Democrat appointee, who will take early retirement with benefits for life, is under investigation for misappropriation of funds by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development.
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    If theres money to be made


    March 19, 2006
    A week before former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham was sentenced to prison, he stressed to the court that a number of other lawmakers also helped arrange federal funding for the defense contractors who bribed him.


    And at least one of the lawmakers, Doolittle, received a direct monetary benefit from those contributions through commissions paid to his wife, Julie.
    Acting as her husband's campaign consultant, Julie Doolittle charged his campaign and his Superior California Political Action Committee a 15 percent commission on any contribution she helped bring in.


    A search by The San Diego Union-Tribune yielded only three other clients of Julie Doolittle's firm:
    One was Greenberg Traurig, the lobbying firm that employed Jack Abramoff, who has pleaded guilty to conspiracy, mail fraud and tax-evasion charges. The second was Abramoff's Washington restaurant, Signatures. The third was the Korea-U.S. Exchange Council, founded by Ed Buckham, one-time chief of staff for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.
    The Korean group, which lobbied for improved U.S.-Korean relations, was based at the headquarters of Buckham's Alexander Strategy Group, which dissolved in January because of negative publicity over its ties to Abramoff. Wilkes also was an Alexander Strategy client.


    Julie Doolittle launched Sierra Dominion Financial Solutions in March 2001, two months after her husband was named to the Appropriations Committee.
    The business, which is based at the couple's home in Oakton, Va., has no phone listing or Web site. The firm has no known employees other than Julie Doolittle. The congressman's office would not specify what previous fundraising experience she had