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  1. Slinky Bender

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    And also remember that anything in your company's email system belongs to them, not you, and is "fair game" for them to go prying into.
  2. jseah


    Well, I work for a company with over 20,000 employees in the US, and over 40,000 worldwide, but luckily they are not as anal as many other companies. The company has a policy that the web is to be used solely for business purposes, and they have software to track internet usage, but in reality they do not do this on a regular basis. In actuality, the only time they do target individuals for tracking is if they get a complaint, as they know that against public policy, almost all employees also use the web for personal purposes (i.e. yahoo or hotmail email, online purchases, etc.). The only thing they have no tolerance for at all is kiddie porn, or employees using network drives for personal storage of porn.

    One thing you need to keep in mind is that when you use work email for personal purposes, companies get much more nervous about that, because they can be held liable in a lawsuit for anything contained in those emails.
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  3. localguy


    even if the session itself is encrypted?

    That seems odd, after all, when you go to your bank site,
    a 128 bit encryption is negotiated, thereupon your financial
    data is immune from people peeking in.

    Now, a sniffer planted on your PC, like PC Anywhere or
    PCSnoop, well that's a whole nother thing.

    But the router czar shouldn't own you, with encrypted
  4. jgd


    The screens shots and keystokes can still be recorded.
  5. localguy


    Isn't their some site that sets up a Secure session, so that
    only your browser and the host site has the keys, all they
    really know is you went into the safe site, not what you
    did or where you went from there?
  6. jgd



    It's only my job to turn over the reports of the activity on the network, not to take any action. I have went out of my way on occasion to "fudge" the report to protect some people, and alerted them personally. Many people just get a warning or two and the eventually stop while other don't and they get canned.
  7. fishfry


    Now that is funny. I suppose you must be very diligent in researching all the porn sites users might visit -- just so you'll be fully informed.

    Great meeting you last night!

  8. justme

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    In my experience, there are very few users who can actually fool a good net admin. I think it would be wise to go to e-bay, buy a cheap $300 laptop, load it with nothing but a browser, and dial-in if you really want to be safe.
  9. Ezrlove



    I am a Network Integrator for an Insurance Company. One of my jobs is to occasional check if our users are visiting pornographic sights. Since I am the sole person responsible for this I can visit any sight I want.

    First of all, don't believe any hype about any software that can protect you in a business network environment. The router (or gateway) in our office monitors all IP traffic. There is no way of fooling your router. The appropriate people can check your router for all the sights that you have visited. On the other hand, if you are using a dial connection via a modem, the only thing you have to do is delete the cookies that would incriminate you and clear your internet history.

    But to answer your question K.S.

    It all depends on what sights the individual frequented. One manger was visiting a male cross dressing sight that didn't show any nudity and he was warned. Another guy was visiting child porn, and he was removed from the office immediately.
  10. K.S.


    jgd, but what did you DO to those people you caught?

    Lucky me, my company is still too small and it doesn't have the resources to do anything.

    So long as I clear my cache and history. I leave most cookies, unless they look x-rated.
  11. jgd


    The way you will get caught is that the company can flag "safesurf.com" and whenever that page is requested it will record every screen and keystroke. You can even have what is displayed on your screen sent to another computer and watch it live. I have caught many people accessing restricted sites this way.
  12. Ozzy


    when i mentioned silentsrf i was never talking about your work place finding out....

    just the websites you visit.

    but i think SS does work for that too....but don't quote me on that. i know it doesn't save those pages or cookies to *MY* personal computers HD. don't know about network stuff however.
  13. jgd


    I am a network manager and trust me the company can still see what you are doing if they wanted to. You will be anonoymus to the site you are surfing to, but can still be seen by your company. Some software even lets you seen whats going on as if you were at the computer itself. Trust me, I've seen it.
  14. JackStraw


    Big Brother is watching

    Carl et al
    Unless you own the company, you should never assume that anything yo do on your work PC is private. Companies can and do monitor the sites you access. Using something like a "safesurf" might work in some places, in others, just using it could be grounds for dismissal. Always assume that your wife is looking over one shoulder and your boss over the other.
  15. Ozzy


    oh and that IP logged means exactly what i just said.....

    someone someplace now knows where your coming from?????????????

    but you don't have to worry about UG like you do tbd....

    i mean when is the last time you heard slinky threaten to out someone here....TBD HAS SAID IT AND HE HAS DONE IT!
  16. Ozzy



    very simple answer......with all the crap we/you have heard about tbd collecting clients personal info (true or not)...do you want to take that chance that your IP, which if you use a cable modem,DSL ect... can be traced to your/ or whoevers name that cable or phone bill?

    it's like turning off the caller ID on your phone before you call an escort agency...do you want some girl/guy who answers phones for an illegal escort agency to have your name pop up on their caller ID?

    think about it?????
  17. Monk


    Does anyone know which of these anonymizers work on the Mac? Most of them don't.
  18. js181


    "take my advice......USE IT FOR TBD. especially if you have a locked down IP or a cable or dsl line that can be traced right back to you or your company Ozzy....."

    Why is that of special concern with TBD? If TBD has a locked down DSL ip address, what would they do with it that I might not like.....BTW while were on an IP topic digression, I have always wondered what the little box that says "IP Logged" on UG messages means.....
  19. Carl M

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    Unhappy Campers at EA too!!

    Thay are all bitchin and moaning at Escortamerica about TBD- Looks like UG is sitting pretty!
  20. Hotpuppy

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    Am I to understand that by accessing a website through silentsurf /search, my place of business will not be able to track where Ive been( as they can now)?
    take care HP

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