A trip to Shogun

Discussion in 'Southern NJ/Eastern PA ( Philly, Allentown...)' started by redleg609, Jan 27, 2003.

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  1. extremesex


    Ha, that reminds me of a situation I had there...

    I was given a new girl, sory can't remember her name, but she is long since ogne anyway. This girl had no clue what was going on.
    We start off with the typical shower, water was ice cold, after I asked her to adjust the water, she breaks the knob off the faucet. Ok, we skip the shower. She takes me into the sauna, which was not on, and completely forgets about me for 20 minutes. Noone else was there at the time, and I'm wandering around the place looking for her in nothing but my towel. Ok, it's back to the room, only she locked the door and left the key in the room. Now for the last 1/2 hour I've been frozen by cold water, left to freeze in an unheated sauna, and left to wander aimlessly around the place in nothing but a skimpy towel. Mamsan had to get a crowbar and I spent my time trying to pry the door open while she tried to pick the lick with a screwdriver. When we finally got the door open, all I wanted to do was get my clothes on and get the hell out.

    Of course since then I've has some incredibly positive experiences to make up for that one.
  2. redleg609


    Stopped in at Shogun for the first time last week.

    Typical AMP experience in most regards even if it is the only 3rd floor walk up that I've been to.

    One thing that was unusual was the table shower. After the initial washing of my back, it sounded as if something large dropped into the hot water tub. Next thing I know a hot, wet towel is on my back. It is fairly large and runs from shoulders to cover my butt. Then, up on the table she hops and starts a back massage that sequed into some back walking.

    A welcome addition to the shower routine.

    Two distractions: 1. I may have been first customer that day and the sauna was nowhere near ready. After some fiddling, we proceded to the room where 2. It was right chilly. A fair about of time was spent attempting to get the room heater going. When that failed, off she went for another heater. Which, eventually cranked some BTU's.