A trip to the Village

Discussion in 'New York' started by April, Oct 29, 2001.

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  1. Carl M

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    Re: This weekend???

    April, I guess no sucking for the suckee-whom or whoever that may be LOL!! Unless your the trooper I think you are!
  2. pitman_nyc


    Who need to work out...my heart's racing after that review...
  3. justme

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    A PSA: don't surf drunk! You might just post on the wrong thread (or even board. or is that bored?

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  4. zoulou


    April this is my hood...when you come back to get your toys just call me...
  5. April

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    This weekend???

    I'm lucky I got through tonight !
    This weekend? Only if he remembers the condoms =P
  6. Zeus


    So it's been said that when you pierce your tongue that you can't suck on anything for three weeks.

    I'm betting you don't get past the weekend.
  7. Buck



    I have some special "cream" to soothe your new tatoos with. You can use the tongue percings to coax the cream out of its bottle.

    In all seriousness, please allow me to buy you girls some penis (yeah, that sounds right). Which store and what time?
  8. jasonbuju



    Well there is a good cigar shop on that block and a little basement groove at a spot opposite.... not that I am ever in that part of town :D
  9. Ezrlove


    Great story April. Now all the guys here will be hanging out in the village next to the pink pussy cat looking around for two hot, outgoing gals with fake penises in there shopping bags.
  10. Phantom



    I'm really glad to see that Kelly recovered so quickly.
  11. jasonbuju


    All in one day?

    My God! What a day!
    Thats why we had an earthqauke this weekend!

  12. April

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    Lately my schedule as well as Kelly's has been very hectic to say the least. I couldn't remember the last time her and I went out and had some fun together. As many of you know Kelly doesn't drink so that limits the options a bit for last minute ideas. ( I have another playmate who I lush it up with *wink*) I told her lets get dressed and take a ride into the city for dinner. Before I knew it we were dressed up in short skirts and high boots.....we were city bound! We must have looked really good because as we were walking down the block hand in hand all heads were turning.
    I suggested the Village. We went walking around all the little side shops. We went to one place that had sex toys and we went in to browse at the clothes. Before I knew it we were trying on strap on harnesses(sp?) I told Kelly to pick a "phalus" they come in all shapes and sizes ! It was a real riot! I knew we were going to go eat and I didn't want to be walking around with two fake penises and a harness to go with them so we figured we'd go back later and buy them.
    Next we went into a tatoo peircing and "head" shop, earlier in the evening we had been discussing getting small matching tatoos. Before I knew it I was in the peircers chair having my tounge clampped and getting it peirced. No, it really didn't hurt much at all! Then we picked out a heart shaped tatoo and had it placed at the base of our spine.
    The tatoo dude was a riot, I made Kelly go first. As she is getting it done she is moaning a bit 'cause it hurts. The guys saying yeah baby you know you like it. Mean while the whole store is listening to the three of us behind the partition. Then it was my turn, I tried getting out of it but Kelly wasn't having it. Next thing I know I'm on the table with my pants pulled down getting inked where the sun isn't supposed to shine. I started doing a bit of moaning myself.....he started with his "yeah, take it baby" and Kelly chimed right in also. It was a pisser! So much for just window shopping ! lol Kelly has a few more peicings, but I think I'm too chicken to have them done.......but who knows I also said I'd never get my tounge peirced as well. The tatoo dude unfortunately had another tatoo to do after us which is too bad 'cause I saw that sparkle in Kelly's eye that means "hey, wanna take him home for a romp?" And he was kind of cute in a badboy sort of way, not to mention the bulge in his pants when I "accidently" banged into it. Only bad thing is we totally forgot to go back and buy our toys at the sex shop, just looks like we'll have to make another trip to the Village to get it...who knows maybe I just might get a few other things peirced..........on second though.......nah.
    Just thought I'd share a great evening with you guys. Hope you had fun reading it =)
    April =P