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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by John Y. Doe, Jan 25, 2003.

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  1. John Y. Doe

    John Y. Doe

    just looking,

    I'm new to the board and just learning my way around. What you say makes sense to me. I will stick with your suggestions in the future.

    dragon 69,

    Coming from route 80, the area to cruise just off market street is 1 to 2 blocks to the right of market street from the McD's. Stick to the area with the factories (not the residential blocks).
  2. justlooking


    I very strongly believe that you should only write about UTR women who don't advertise if you're prepared to give their contact info. But, since they don't advertise and hence haven't already made their contact info public, you should only post their contact info if you've received their permission to do so. If you ask them for such permission, I think it's incumbent on you to advise them of the broad readership of the site, of the fact that you don't know what type of people you'd be exposing her to, that the info would then be available to just about everybody, etc. This is especially so in the case of a semi-pro who probably has no idea that things like whoreboards even exist (shit, most pros don't know about them). (I myself would never have such a conversation so I would never post about a UTR semi-pro.)

    If you are not prepared to post the UTR semi-pro's contact info, then I think it's worse than worthless to post a "review" of her.

    BTW, if you read the rules, I think it's absolutely clear that it doesn't violate anything to post contact info in a review.
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  3. DRAGON69


    hey mr.doe were you going to tell us more about Colors OR what neighborhood is she in paterson and the ice cream factory by school got me confused in earlier thread used to work in the neighborhood right on market right before the macdonalds but that was like 5 years ago just really never veered off market at that time
  4. John Y. Doe

    John Y. Doe

    She's in Paterson.

    I met her in a round about way. I know two other women, Karen & Debbie. I did a post on them on the 22nd in "Cheap Thrills" section. The title of the thread was "Paterson Surprise". They were great (another guy, "marc" had some nice things to say about them too.) I was lucky enough to find out where Karen & Debbie lived. I thought it was time to pay them another visit. I called and found out they were no longer there. They both hooked up with sugar daddies.

    The landlady suggested I visit Colors.

    (By the way, I found out from other sources that Karen & Debbie still see some regulars - not including me. They are also out on Market street, but only rarely.)
  5. mpaul


    what neighborhood. and how'd you meet her?
  6. John Y. Doe

    John Y. Doe

    I was sent by a friend to go see "Colors". It was great to meet an attractive girl who's still new to the game & just a part-timer. When we met I was impressed and nervous at the same time.

    She is about 5'5", a trim 110lbs, with 34B's. She's very well groomed, with attractive reddish brown locks, a pretty face and a wonderful smile. She passes for early to mid-thirty's (although I found out later she is older). Were I in a club and saw her, I would buy her a drink and try talking to her.

    What made me nervous is that she's black. I'm very far from being a bigot. It's only that in the hobby most of my experiences with black women have been dissapointing. "Colors", however, was teriffic.

    She is about a 7 in looks and a 9 in attitude. She gives a great GFE. She'll do BBBJTC for $.4; 1/2 & 1/2 for $.6; and will speak greek for $.9. With any of the services she throws in DATY, or 69, kissing and rimming. She will gladly let your fingers do the walking through all her opennings.

    The only problem I have is telling you how to get in touch with her. She has a cell phone, but I don't want to give the #. (She's a part-timer and relatively new to the business. She never worked clubs or walked streets.) My concern is if I broadcast her number she would get busted. She's not good at screening dates.

    My other concern is giving out information in a way that may get me banned from the board.

    Any guidance I can get from other members would be very much appreciated. "Colors" is worth the visit if you like semi-pros.

    If you are interested, she can work out of her apartment, you do have to give the landlady $.2. It's in a moderately rough neighborhood, but I felt safe during the day.