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Discussion in 'New York' started by emarbles, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. surfdude



    I've seen Audrey many times,...in fact, i think she's my favorite.
    She is definitely GFE....and we've had some very passionate, very physical sessions, each with at least 2 pops. She is a voluptuous latina. Without clothes, she's got curves in all the right places with some meat on her bones..but she's not fat. I can't say that i looked at her picture on the web and expected a slinky girl....regardless of what the description says. As for her look, i find it attractive but it may not be for everybody. I've never had the "too loose" problem that Zwoof had (i'm 15 inches.....just kidding)...actually, i'm not as fortunate as Zwoof, but i can attest that there was plenty of friction....enough to make me sore later that evening.
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    you're not supposed to measure from the taint.

    you're on the wrong board if you do.

    forgot to use lube?

    (I think you meant latinAs)
  3. Zwoof


    AATR - Audrey Review

    I'll post this here cuz I don't think that I have thread starting capabilities.

    I saw Audrey a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed. Audrey wasn't my first choice that evening but I was horny and you know.....

    When I got to the motel she was dressed in some form of neglige. I know that pics and numbers (weight, age, etc.) are "stretched" on websites, but to say that Audrey weighs 125lbs is a downright lie. She is easily packing 140-150 on her 5'4" frame. After a little chit chat, we got undressed and started a little DFK. Right before the DFK, she popped a mint into her mouth and kept it in! This turned me off right away. I didn't keep up the DFK much longer because I don't like kissing girls that I am not that attracted to.

    She definitely has a nice rack (and I'm a breast man...which is why I chose her). She proceeded on some BBJ which was good and then we started into the heavy stuff (no pun intended). Here is another pet peeve. She is very loose. We did every position in the world (no greek...asked) and I was having a hard time getting enough friction to complete the job (let me nip the "small dick" jokes in the bud here and tell you that I am 7.5"...for real!). RCG finally got me off.

    What was good? Her attitude was great! She is definitely a GFE and is amenable to everything except Greek. If you like chunky latinos, she is great. I found out (the hard way) that I don't.
  4. big blue1

    big blue1

    Nice review emarbles. By the way does any of the BB stuff make anyone nervous?
  5. al900


    Megan AATRE

    I saw Megan today for the first time. She is a gem. She is pretty (girl next door type), sweet and provides an amazing BBBJCIMNQNS.

    Her attitude is a 10.

    I found her all natural body very attractive and her silky skin was also a turn on.

    She is not a hard body....we can all stand to lose a few pounds...but...I didn't find her chubby.

    No BBFS requested or volunteered....which is fine by me.
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  6. emarbles



    It involves giving them your first and last name and what town you live in. Val them does a search and calls you back to make sure you are legit. The girl then checks your license upon arrival. One of the girls told me Val shreds all of your info after the sessions. Not sure how true that is.

    And to answer the other question, there was no BBFS with Megan (for me at least)
  7. Thorn


    It is a blade that cuts both ways. A particularly loaded question. It was my opinion that, while you certainly have the right to ask, you did it in such a way as to lay an 800lb gorilla in the room.

    From the providers POV the question is like the old joke set up about, "How tall are you?", knowing that the answer is going to be, "I didn't know they piled shit that high."

    There is no way to come out on top in that situation, because even if you go silent in response to the question everyone knows the joke and has completed it in their own mind.

    Basically, what I am saying is that by asking that in the particular way you did it you create a no win scenario for the person you asked.

    Just something to think about.
  8. billyS


    I know guys have gotten bbfs from Megan and the way the review was written, bbfs could have been implied. This being a whore board I don't see why I can't ask that.
    And if someone did have an Agenda what would it be? If anything mention of bbfs would have AATR's phones ringing off the hook.
  9. Thorn



    I'm no white knight. In fact, I have never even used AATR, but there had to be some way to ask that which didn't come off as sounding like you had just loaded a double barrel shotgun and pointed it at someone with an agenda in mind.
  10. misterxyz


    Not true. Only a select few, as is the case with most agencies.
  11. billyS


    So she went from BBBJ to Cowgirl. Was it BBFS? I've heard from a number of guys that BBFS is pretty common with AATR girls, Megan included.
  12. theladiesman


    emarbles, nice review. What does the "screening process" involve for those of us who have yet to take the plunge?
  13. dampfnudel


    There's a market for chubby girls too, Val is just covering all bases.
  14. lepke



    Thank you for clearing that up because this is what I suspected looking at her pictures....
  15. mindsink


    She's a pretty girl with nice skin and nice breasts. My only gripe about her was that she is a bit on the chubby side.
  16. emarbles


    Had the pleasure of meeting Megan today. I called Val and really wanted to meet with either Pamela or Jenna but they were not available at the time but she said Megan was. I didn't remember what her photo looked like but I said what the hell and gave it a shot. Boy was I happy I did. I got there and she was dressed in sexy white lingerie. Went thru the screening process since I am a somewhat new customer to AATR and then made myself comfortable after taking care of the money portion. She definitely made me comfortable right away. Started out with some heavy DFK then came the bbbj which was exceptional. That lasted only about 10 minutes until I couldnt take it anymore. She was a champ and did bbbjnqns which I was not expecting since I had seen another of Val's girls who didn't allow CIM. After round 1 I got a 15 minute massage which was so-so but that wasn't what I was there for anyways. We made small talk and then it was off to round 2. Did some more DFK then some DATY and some more BBBJ until she rode me cowgirl until I finished. She is a real sweet down to earth girl with a very bubbly personality. Her looks are about a 7 but her personality and effort was definitely a 10. Her pics are accurate unlike the other girl AATR girl I had seen. I will definitely be back when she is in town.