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Discussion in 'New York' started by BigMadM, Dec 7, 2005.

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  1. Hyabby

    Hyabby Guest

    Ask her sister?
  2. thebitmaster


    Who is this Valerie??

    Any clues as to how to find tis ValerieXXX??
  3. Lou Grant

    Lou Grant

    Unless of course he's a moron and rides his bike carelessly, resulting in stupid accident involving one or more other vehicles, including yours, which results in your major injuries/death and possibly your child being thrown thru car window for not being strapped into proper restraint because you were being careless.
  4. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    I don't buy that analogy.
  5. lonewolf69


    BBFS - Motorcycle analogy

    Long time reader, posts FAR and FEW in between recently, BUT...

    HAD to chime in regarding the BBFS, yes analogy to Motorcycle is ok, but don't forget, in our hobby, we re-use the motorcycle that you rode BBFS, and hence your RISK in BBFS affects ANY and ALL of us who potentially wish to ride the same mortorcycle...

    Heaven forbid you have an accident while riding without a helmet, but dude, you've just increased the RISK for everyone else who happens to ride ANY of the bikes you've been riding. Now each and EVERY BIKE you've rode becomes suspect.

    Yes, we are ALL taking a risk PERIOD in this HOBBY, but your RISK in BBFS has the POTENTIAL to affect us all and HENCE you have the huge public BACKLASH with regards to BBFS. Dude, we're not bashing your or BBFS in principal, because YEAH we do like it too...

    Don't understand why no one else brought up this aspect, perhaps I'm the ONLY one who feels this way??!??
  6. akm495


    Interesting analogy, but if there was no laws on wearing a helmet while riding your Harley, would you choose not to wear one?
  7. Thorn


    I'd buy a few myself. :)
  8. Lucrob


    I don't blast people for BBFS - to each his own - but I will point out one difference (of the many!) between BBFS and riding your Harley. Odds are "I" probably won't catch something "you" have from riding your Harley after you.
  9. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    at a dollar a ticket, for ass, Ill buy 400 tickets.

    (sorry, this is not a fluff)
  10. Ozzy


    Val... how bout a xmas party where you sell tickets and raffle off your ass. BMM and I will buy two hundred tickets each please.
  11. lepke


    Waiting to her about the AATR christmas party Val has been promising me....Anyone gonna review some of Val's new girls or do i have to take the leap for mankind again?
  12. jras


    gimme a link tamibro
    a lead
    a review
  13. TamiFan


    What happened to talking about Val?

    While I have used Val's agency once I found that dealing with her on the telephone to be a pleasant experience. Now with the talk about her recently providing a BJ while nude I find verrry intreging.

    I am presuming while she did not provide FS, perhaps her skills included BBBJ? Hey, it's my weakness, BBBJ DT TC WS......nothing better.

    Now, to touch on BBFS, to each his own. Most providers probably take the necessary precautions but then each and every encounter is a roll of the dice. Hey, who am I kidding? Personally I only partake in BBBJ and not BBFS and yes, I agree with the analysis compared to motorcycle riding. There's nothing like a Harley, but I'll pass on the BBFS.

    By the way, is it me or has the hobbying scene been really strange lately? While I do not post on this board all too much, I have plenty of posts and around 30 detailed reviews on another well known board under the same alias. Been with some amazing ladies but don't the pickings seem extremely light lately? There are still many fine ladies out there but I am finicky and looking for the one's that light a spark in me, a feeling that is more and more difficult to find. Perhaps I am just very spoiled.

    I have even done the SW scene for more than 20 years and went light over the last 5 years due to lack of attractions. The last 3 years I went a little heavy into the escort scene and met a few more ladies that I haven't posted a review about.

    If only the days of the late 80's and early 90's would return.....
  14. bushleaguer

    bushleaguer The CDC

    The overwhelming majority of those on here thought I was full of s*it when I would post about a BBFS encounter...the latter minority would blast me as stupid and yes, having a death wish.

    To clarify the record - I've had partial BBFS (condom broke but the provider I was with instructed me to keep going....SWs) and full BBFS, but these are few and far in between. I do not head out for a night of hobbying with the intent of getting BBFS, but when the opportunity presents itself the little head takes over and I end up partaking. Again, this is a handful of encounters of out of I don't know how many in total. I've also had BB anal, and I will admit that that was not smart at all.
    Yes, there is a risk/reward analysis in all of this, and when thinking about it I don't regret the few times I've gotten BBFS from providers. I like the analogy about motorcycles - this is a very risky undertaking yet no one bashes it like BBFS gets bashed.
    My folly may be that I've been forthcoming about my experiences...it's led to a lot of scorn from the board population and I don't see the rationale to share info. about a new place I may find that offers great service due to the negativity I've received. But that's just me. Then again, I still assert that I'm not the only one who, in a moment of weakness, has received BBFS. Like someone else mentioned, however, this is a co-ed board, so there are many here who use their usernames as references and wouldn't want to reveal themselves as one who "has a death wish" and thus is a "threat" to a provider.
  15. Ozzy


    The only reason people speak up about BBFS is because this is a co-ed board. On client only sites like jag and others where there are no women present, there has been much discussion, reviews, mentions of bbfs and no one judges anyone. If anything you tend to find out just how many of your neighbors are indulging in the same practices.
  16. ricarddo


    We all know the risks associated with BBFS. On the other hand there are many other activities that one does involving considerable risk to life and health and yet we would not consider them having negative connotations. I ride my Harley and I know the risks and small margin for error associated with riding motorcycles, but that does not mean I am going to stop doing it. There is no purpose served in berating anyone that partakes in BBFS and making them feel like a child being scolded by a parent. We are all adults (with a very few exceptions) and are free to make our own choices. I think that the reactions to BL's admission on indulging in BBFS in the highest risk environment stem from a perception that he may harbor a death wish. However BBFS is no different from other risky activities that can be rationally evaluated (assuming that the big head is firmly in charge of the little head). Perhaps that those that do the ranting are in reality concealing resentment that they are not on the receiving end.
  17. fumpton


    I'm just a bit surprised that someone would acutually post they received BBFS. Most posters would get on a rant about the risks of BBFS, so to see someone actually admit to it (besides Bushleaguer) is surprising.
  18. Ozzy


    Video wasn't that good. An obviously old and banged out over weight Valerie shoving a strap on up BL's cunt. You see very little cause of the shoddy camera work and even worse lighting (a client filmed it). I have a copy of it someplace but it's not even worth looking for.
  19. Thorn


    I want a copy of that video. :)
  20. Ozzy


    The way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if BBFS became just another acronym we list re: a prostitutes services. When I found these boards about 7 or 8 yrs ago the list of women who provided some of the more sought after services was very few. It used to be only the nasty patty's did such things... now there's nubile young, hot 20 yr old doing that stuff. Now it seems if you don't swallow or take it up the ass you're almost not considered a GFE.