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  1. justlooking


    Actually, I thought the Blue Angel was BEFORE it got tired. So if you thought that was tired, wait till you see what's doing now.
  2. justlooking


    She's proabably talking about the Monday night burlesque at Galapagos. I have a thread on it, I think.
  3. rough1


    I wouldn't even go so far as to say that this is even burlesque--its more like a German/English vaudville show with a little T&A. IIRC, the only woman who took off all her clothes was the magician.

    But all in all very good. And it was the only stripperesque thing I have ever been to with my wife. Much of it had us both doubled up laughing.
  4. Mr. Wet Wooly

    Mr. Wet Wooly

    A friend of mine mentioned she recently saw it. Said the tent setup was fantastic and the audience is close to the action.

    She mentioned some burlesque show in Williamsburg (or was it Red Hook?) that didn't seem to interest me when I heard the description. Have you been to that?

    The last burlesque show I went to was the Blue Angel Cabaret years ago downtown. Vaguely remember it was kind of gimmicky and short on talent. 'Tired' was a good word for it.
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  5. Ozzy


    I saw the title of this thread and thought you found a quicker and cheaper way to ply those strippers out of their G-strings.
  6. justlooking


    Saw the neo-burlesque show "Absinthe" at the Spiegeltent in the old Fulton Fish Market.

    It's just like the New York neo-burlesque shows. Except it's from Britain! And it's in a tent! That's 80 years old! And imported from Germany! And on the East River!

    Actually, it shows the New York neo-burlesque scene for the tired, Absolutely Over thing it is. The New York stuff is now all irony and self-reference, no chops. These guys were actually talented. And funny.

    Maybe not enough nudity for this crowd here, though.

    I think it's there till the end of September.