Absolute Relaxation MP on RT22

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by funacura, Oct 25, 2001.

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  1. magnumman


    In answer to your question:

    That was 80 for nude HR. I don't think FS is available.
  2. Crazyphingers


    is that 80 for nude hr? or FS
  3. magnumman


    As an alternative

    Check out Asahi Therapy. It is located on Rt. #22 Eastbound lane (across from Blue Star Shopping Plaza). This place is very clean and upscale (not seedy). They have a nice selection of Asian, American, and Russian ladies, and are very concerned with customer satisfaction. 60/hr @ the door + a 20 - 80 tip scale. The 60 @ door entitles you to a nice full body table shampoo & sauna. Soft drinks and snacks are also available (no charge)
  4. magnumman


    Absolute ripoff

    So I guess the general consensus is this place sucks.
  5. DannyNJ


    Agree with all of the above. Went there once many moons ago, had a session with very attractive young Latina girl, but only HR was offered and she couldn't have been less interested while doing it. Never went back again.
  6. sod


    Avoid this place

    I'll go magnumman one further and say just don't go to Absolute Relaxation. Even if you get an attractive girl, nobody there goes out of there way to make this place any more than a generic rub-n-tugger. Making the customer feel comfortable and providing a unique service are way down their list of priorities.
  7. magnumman


    Word of advice

    This place has average girls (5-7). If you go to this place they will ask for your date of birth and keep it on file along with a code.

    It is basically a massage with topless, bottomless or nude HR.
    Tipping scale is 40, 60, 100.

    Here is a word of advice: If you make a late night appointment beware that customer satisfaction is not at the top of these girls list, and their only concern is getting out of there for the evening.

    Once I went there and took the last appointment at 10pm, and the only one available was a older latina woman, so I proceeded into the room and got comfortable. She came back into the room a couple of minutes later, and told me the tipping scale was 60, 40, 100 for topless, bottomless, or nude.

    Basically she tried to hustle me for 20 more for topless massage.

    Knowing the rate is 40 for this I declined. She got an attitude, and left me in the room. After she didn't come back, I called for the manager, who said that she was the only one available, and that she (manager) wouldn't refund my cash. I wasn't in the room for all of 5 mins. before this chick cut out. I don't appreciate being hustled, or paying 40 dollar door fee to strip and lay on a massage table for 2 mins., then literally left hanging, and told that my money wouldn't be refunded. Where is the value here?

    C'mon, they figure.......who's gonna call the Better Business Bureau?
  8. funacura


    Has anyone been to Absolute Relaxation on RT22 in Hillside recently, any new good looking girls that offer anything extra.