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  1. coppertop


    Rob Load

    On the flip the door closes. for a reason.

    Still. I hate to need to ask. I guess LE is on everyones minds lately.

    And I appreciate that part. They put that cover over you, which I dislike. but given the stuff going down lately, i guess it is smart.
  2. dahmer2

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    It is a HJ place. Regardless of the both genders thing. No "spa" would be open till midnight.
  3. rob load

    rob load

    Been to ACE BODY CARE several times in the past year.Save your $$$$$. While the ladies there are usually pretty hot, the service is lacking.Rooms are very small and can't relax listening to the RT 18 traffic.!!My last two experiences there were poor.WAS told that 100 was the minimum tip! What nerve!Both girls had great bodies but didn't even fully undress.And this was a first the girl gave me the massage with latex gloves on!!!!!Massages were both short and bad. There are many more to choose from in this area so guys shop around........Also Pines Spa rt 18 seems more legit then any i''ve been to.Tied it twice there and all i got was a massage( but a great one at that!)the girl leaves the door partly opened too when she gives you your massage......
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    This is off topic but I was able to access the link to yahoo groups in this post but not any other adult groups. Can someone give me a clule how to get to them?
  5. coppertop


    Pine Route 18, East Brunswick

    As was said above by many more experienced than I, it is not without its digital charm.

    However, I would not go there unless I was there, short on time and not interested in having a thrilling time.

    I walk in, and am greeted by a plain Korean woman in her late 30s or early 40s. Not bad looking, but past the hot little hotstuff stage.

    Cost for massage .65/hr. Want shower too...oh that is another .15. What a bunch of BS. Anyway, its cold outside and wanted to be doused in hot water. So I give her .8.

    She leads me to the room with lockers. I undress, and look for robes. where are robes? All in hamper. That made me feel comfortable.

    Seeing no other options, I put one on and lock my clothes away. Once done, same lady comes back. She leads me to a huge room with showers and tables and saunas.

    She gives me an ok table shower. Not great. Just OK. She barely takes special care of the bits.

    The massage was wonderful. I recommend the massage. Its probably wirth the .65. The only problem is that she puts this damn cream on me that is scented. Now I have to get home and change clothes and shower without peaking my wife's curiousity... Also she puts a sheet over me. This LE shit has got to stop.

    At the end, she says...ok...all done. I'm like what???? That is it??? she want something else? Sure why not...

    So I point at the 'v'... NO WAY is her response.
    So I point at her mouth...IBID.
    So I make the international hand gesture that means HJ.

    Anyway..the HJ was not that great. but what the hell, I was already gonna tip her for the great massage anyway. I spill, she cleans with hot cloth. I give her .4 We part ways.

    But Im left with this void. I needed something a little more...I dunno playful.

    So I make the ****ney to Easton Therapy for my second cup.
    Always good. Did not get any extras today, besides HJ, but that is normal.

    It was a little cold in there though. But the woman (again late 30s early 40s) nice breasts, adequately put together, was much more fun. She seemed to enjoy her job a little more, and the HJ came without a request (as well it should have).
  6. nman4u


    I have been to Pines on Rte 18 several times. You get an excellent massage with HR. Girls are ok looking, average a 6, no significant roaming allowed in my experience, however I haven't really put forth a concerted effort for anything more, but my impression is that nothing more is available, but I could be wrong. Massage is .65, table shower is another .15, I usually tip .20 to .40 depending on the massage and how long the HR lasts. If you are looking for a good massage with HR this palce would fit the bill.

    By the way, I've tried ACE Body Care and I agree, it's a total ripoff-way too much dinero for crappy service, crappy surroundings and a glorified HJ.

    Hope this is helpful.
  7. hotdesi


    If ther'es a table shower you should be golden.
  8. mightysmith


    AMP down the road

    There is an AMP down the road from ACE called Pine Spa. I have been sleuthing around, trying to get info.

    They quoted .6/hr, and .75/hr with table shower (when I called). They are open until midnight. BUT...The signs indicate that all genders are welcome.

    It is in that little strip mall where the Surf and Turf Ale House used to be located on south bound Route 18 (north of the Milltown Road overpass). The mall has a Vitamin City and a Big and Tall clothing store.

    I am a little weary of this setup, as I am new to the eastern US. Does the sign for all genders indicate a beauty spa with mud wraps and colonics, or is it an AMP in the happier sense?

    Should I venture forth, or am I gonna be unhappy? Any thoughts? Or should I just stick with Easton where I tend to get great service? Opinions?
  9. letsgetstarted


    Re: Re Ace Body Care

    I don't have a clue to what you are talking about. Must you be so cryptic?!
  10. mightysmith


    ACE Review

    I have never visited.

    Here is a review I found on another site:

    I went to Ace on Rt. 18 in east brunswick. It is located on the
    nortbound side, set in the back on the second floor, upstairs from
    rent a wreck. This place was absolutely awful!!! The rooms are
    extremely small and the tables are extremely uncomfortable. The girl that I had barely said a word to be althought she was pretty cute.

    Blonde chick, 21 b cup. She had somewhat of a nurses outfit on. No not one of the sexy ones! A real one! She massaged me for about 10 minutes, which was horrible, and then she said topless hj 60 g-string hj 80, nude hj 100. Terrible place, they are money hungry for nothing in return.
  11. petehanse


    Re Ace Body Care

    I wpuld take one for the boys, but I don't want to get cornholed by ACE!
  12. letsgetstarted


    Anybody have some info?