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Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Daty, Nov 23, 2001.

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  1. dhutchins



    I have to agree about AFF, in that I had tried it for awhile and got nowhere. I have had a lot of success, however, through Yahoo and Excite personal ads. I have placed them and answered them, and every girl that I have met through the ads were just after sex. Not pros, just horny, lonely women. I have been very surprised by this, but have had great luck in getting wildly fucked by these horny women though personal ads online.
  2. tnisha


  3. Tom0504


    Agree with Escort_King

    Avoid the NYC listings. Philly listings, others in the heartland, seem more real.
  4. Escort_King

    Escort_King Some day I will learn to post ISO's in the proper

    had some luck

    I hooked up with 2 women when I was living in Philly... before they went pay etc... but must have sent out 60-80 emails to get the 2... was lucky with both... no 10s but hey 6-7s and it only cost a meal for one and a meal and some drinks on the second date with the other to get results... NY is just such a harder sell... and some of them are the old semi-pros... yeah right if they want money there is nothing semi about them!!!
  5. Tom0504


    My AFF experiences

    I'm a silver member. By and large, it's a waste of time. I linked up w/ one girl in Manhattan "ICANRELAXYOU" Set up a meeting in midtown, she stood me up then suspended her profile so I couldn't contact her. Made contact with another girl (college junior) who sounds interesting; exchanged e-mail & cell phone calls, but I haven't got up the energy to get over to Brooklyn.

    Most of the ads are crap and you have to use a big BS detector. If the pic looks professional, it's probably a cut and paste job from Suzenet. It's amazing how many girls use Veronica Zemenova's or Aria Giovanni's pics.

    My technique is to:(a)monitor new posting,(b)screen out obvious spam (c) jump on new posters immediately who are naive about the 10K e-mails they are going to get (d)give another e-mail address (like Yahoo, etc) because AFF limits the number of outgoing msgs.

    I miss Excite. It was great entertainment to read on my Internet cell phone while waiting somewhere. Nothing is as good, IMHO.
  6. itsray

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    ...definitely an increase in spam and other garbage once your email goes around any of those sites...

    ...however, after countless attempts over about 3 years

    there were 4 successes through regular aol profiles

    all 4 were well worth the effort (attractive(7-9), young enough (20-30), and as interested in fun as i was (well almost :) )

    and as always a little patience, and being a decent guy yields the best rewards (right bill?)

    hope this helps,

  7. BigBucksNYC


    I've used Adult Friend Finder, Alt.Matchmaker, Yahoo! Personals, and Excite Personals all with NO luck. I have talked with a few women but they were either old or fat and that is not my thing. Overall, those boards have been a BIG waste of time. Of course I will continue searching for meetin women for sex through one of those boards with sex-starved hot women...but then again maybe that is just my fantasy :)
  8. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    I've actually had some success searching the member list on AOL (Assholes On Line) using the word "Escort."
  9. sharked


    as a matter of fact, i always make an appointment with her to avoid going through the line up and rejecting girls.
  10. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Are you going to see Halle?
  11. sharked


    just like i said yahoo personals and aol personals
    a new one is

    eitherway, we all know its a waste of time.
    you get what you pay for and I'd rather pay $$$ for the sure royal treatment. I feel a visit to Kamasutra coming on.
  12. eaglenose


    waste of time/money

    my experiences are pretty similar to theladiesman. Either I would get no response or I would get an automated reply. Pretty useless. Although -- I didn't try responding to the ugly, unattractive girls' ads.
  13. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    sharked, just where were you looking? :D
  14. sharked


    i gotta agree with surfdude. i think its a big email vacume and you'll get bombed with spam about wet teen pussy.

    You should stick to free message boards like yahoo personals or aol personals. I think excite and other places have free ones too.
    I'm pretty sure you won't find any quality chicks on there. I've found a shitload of ugly chicks. Not to mention a bunch decent looking girls that are married at the age of 16, somewhere out in the hick part of the US.

  15. surfdude


    My guess is....

    They get your email address, then sell all the addresses to those porno websites for money, so that your email becomes clogged up with spam from those sites.
  16. Thorn


    AFF, and several other sites like it, are a waste of time and money.

    Upfront I will tell you I say this without actually having used it. So you could argue, 'How would I know?' I'll simply say that anyone that's been around for a bit knows its bogus. [makes a small mint for the owner though]

    Frankly, you'd be better off [if you keep your expectations of success very low] on Excite's adult personals.

    There are many bogus adds, but some are of legit providers. And some are, can you imagine, actually what they say they are. Still, its like looking for a needle in a haystack. Though, if you are smart and have an idea of what to look for you can whittle the hay stack down a little.

    Best of all, its the only price any personals should be. Free.
  17. pitman_nyc



    I would guess that a huge majority of the ads are bogus. That's cuz most guys are surfing for sex - much more so than girls. So, if the ad seems its too good to be true, it more than likely is. If the girl in the picture is beautiful, then what's she doing advertising to meet guys, she shouldn't have to. Therefore the only question is if any type of providers use it? I don't have the answer to that.

    Personally, to have success, I would post my own profile and advertise my services. Swipe some model's pictures (make sure you get several, and that he might resemble you) and type up some good text - the stuff that they want to hear. How strong, yet incredibly senstitive.....physically fit, outdoors type etc...but you need to be discreet and can only meet at certain times/places...oh, and that you're very generous. You can also narrow down the field to say that you're only looking for certain types of women...shy? Adventurous? Wild? Women that want to explore their sexuality and push it to the limits. Women that enjoy the experience of other women, etc...

    Writing this actually makes me want to do this again, but it does take time, patience and effort - none of which I have in quantity these days.

    I once used and masqueraded as someone really into the BSD scene. Never went anywhere, except for this one situation. I had created a profile and finally a year or two later, I actually got an email from some girl who was into being humiliated. I push the envelope with these things. My attitude was put up or shut up - don't waste my time, etc...and it actually turned into a lunch date. I screwed up and it went nowhere, but at least I have a good story to tell and it didn't cost me anything, except for a deductible business lunch.
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  18. Maratekk


    i tried audult friendfinder and was even sucked in to becoming a gold member. same expierences. i searched for local girls with the same profile"no strings" . sent out numerous e mails got no response
  19. theladiesman


    Haven't used it for any local (NY) action, but made a trip out of state last week, and contacted two ladies ahead of time to try and hook up. Both had advertised that they were just looking for no-strings-attached sex, didn't want "mushy stuff", etc. Neither had photos listed in their ads. One didn't reply to my email; the other sent a "form" reply saying "I'll let you know," and she didn't....

    Also contacted another one who said she appeared in such-and-such issue of a certain men's magazine - thought the ad might have been a thinly-veiled ad for a provider. No response here either.

    I'd like to hear from others who've had more experience than me...
  20. Daty


    Is this service legit? Has anyone ever hooked up using it?