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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by eros701, Feb 4, 2003.

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  1. Gill Bates

    Gill Bates

    How they do that?!

    I keep wondering about those "age verifying" sites. I'm sure they'll charge your credit card one way or another, even though they swear on their mother's grave that they won't. Has anyone ever fallen for their scam? What's their catch? I mean how can they do that while claiming just the opposite? Simply lying with a straight face or do they have a slightly better gimmick? Isn't there any "truth in advertising" law governing this industry? Or maybe they're all bastards based overseas where US laws don't apply? Maybe they just collect CC#'s to sell for a quick buck.
  2. Daniel_NYC


    Believe it or not, I met Nasty Patty through AFF. I have responded to hundreds of profiles, 80% of which are phony and trying to get you to join some paysite to view her pictures.

    Typical reply goes something like this:
    I am glad that you have expressed interest in me, please go to my website where all your questions will be answered. I have included my phone number and nude pictures on page 4.

    Page 3 is a sign up form for sex key or some age verification service.

    The other 20% are mixed, those genuinely looking for relationships, flings, what have you. I have had some success in getting freebies from this site as well as pay for play, but generally alot of work and few rewards.

  3. gritsman


    I think they're all just a hype to get you to join and send them money. If you wanna get laid, whatever, you'd have better luck with, though you would have to post a reasonably attractive picture of yourself. There are some people on there only looking for hookups.
  4. eros701


    Hey, has anyone on UG had any luck with Adult Friend Finder or any other online 'mating' services? I've tried a couple and I never even get replies to my ******s! Maybe I give bad cyber. LOL