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  1. brykster



    thanks...just trying to help everone get better value for their buck. BTW, just a slight correction, i have never paid more than $60 for anything...tip included. that's my limit.


    that's a scam i encounter all the time. a dancer says she's interested in seeing you outside the club, takes your number and only calls you when she's working to get you in the club. to me, it's counter-productive because i would think many guys have a similar reaction to mine which is to NOT go because they feel tricked or decieved...but hey, it wouldn't be the first time a stripper has engaged in self-destructive behavior.
  2. brykster


    wonderful contribution.
  3. numnutz


    How about " I do like you and would to get to know you better. I'd like to learn more about you as a person and find out your thoughts, dreams , likes, dislikes and various things........... for instance, do you enjoy getting fucked in the ass ? or do you prefer it in the pussy ?
    What about the mouth ?......................."
  4. numnutz


    How about " I do like you and would to get to know you better. I'd like to learn more about you as a person and find out your thoughts, dreams , likes, dislikes and various things........... for instance, do you think enjoy getting fucked in the ass ? or do you prefer it in the pussy ?
    What about the mouth ?......................."
  5. Thorn



    I do it just like this: "I like you. How much to suck my cock?"

    [sorry... couldn't resist] :)
  6. crzy9nyurmth


    Be upfront

    Don't be shy. Here is a woman that takes her clothes off for a living and you are trying tippy-toe around the subject. By the way, upfront doesnt mean be rude. Just be honest. If she says no, move on. I dont even give the three strikes. I usually give them 2 strikes. If I am not advancing and get stuck in park I move on. If you really want her, dont show it too much, the last thing she wants is a stalker scenario. Sometimes if these girls see you circulate they know you wont be like static cling and it doesnt make it too obvious to everyone else (ie..mgt, other dancers, etc...), if you do get what you want.

    Just like a money hungry stripper that constantly hits you up for money, cramps your style. So does a desperate-attention seeking john/customer cramp her style. Its all plays out like a game, everyone knows the deal, from the customers to mgt to the strippers but make it too obvious and problems come up.
  7. The Purple Helmet

    The Purple Helmet

    there are two basic types of dancers. Those who are players and those who are not. You can usually tell who likes to play by the way they dance, move and talk. It takes some time to recognize it with carefull study, but hey there have been tougher jobs.

    Once you think someone is a player, simply grab her hand put it on your crotch and ask her if she likes to play. Be respectful!. If she doesnt play she wont slap you. You can be sure she has heard it 1,000 times.

    Her biggest fear is that you are le. So showing a party favor, putting your hand on her or hers on you will let her know that your not gonna bust her. wearing lap dance pants so she can feel your 4 1/2 inches....i mean 9 1/2 inches is a definate message.

    Be sure to make it VERY clear what you expect and for what price (I usually say the number of dances) before you go lapping otherwise she will likly hit you for more and your weakest moment.

  8. azhadow


    I've been doing this for a few years now. I've been in both situations. I did date this one dancer for 3 months. Met in the club, exchanged numbers, and basically hung out because she wanted someone to drive her around and take her places. We just called each other when we were bored, drove around, and did it wherever we could.

    Right now, I got this one girl in a club that loves to see me. We BS and then we're off to the races in the VIP. No tip. Depending on who's managing that night, sometimes she doesn't even have me pay for the dances. Now, I don't know if she does this with anyone else, but I'm not complaining.

    Of course, those are my success stories. I've had hundreds of failures like everyone else. I wonder how many dancers or providers are really nymphs. Gotta love what you do, right?
  9. un4given


    My 2 cents:

    first penny) I never go into a VIP room without having a clear idea of what I am paying and what I am getting. Yes, that ruins the courtship fantasy - but I make up for it by joking around and making her laugh on the way there. This way, she knows what is expected, but can still play into the courtship fantasy with a straight face.

    second penny) The cheaper you are, the better they do. You get better DFK for 40 bucks than you do for 100. The psychological explanation is cognitive dissonance: If you skillfully get her to do something for less cash than she is used to, she needs to reconcile her smaller compensation with the big bad things she is doing for it. To reconcile this dilemma, she will convince herself that she likes you more than the other guys, and put more heart into the act, whatever the act is. My BEST VIP experiences were all extremely under the norm. Best example is a long time ago in Goldfingers, Queens -- which is not an extras club, I got a dancer in the champagne room for virtually no tip. Her hands never came off my cock, and her tongue never left my mouth -- the entire time. At the time I was a virgin, and had no idea that you could get extras in a club - so i didnt negotiate anything with her. It just happened because I paid less...

    So yea, even if you are loaded with dough, try not to let them on... And give brykster is $75 fee man, cuz his advice will get you far more pussy than the money itself! lol
  10. aznguy


    Although quite new on UG i have had many good and bad experience with strippers, ranging from sex (outside) to air dances.

    If you don't get any contact during the first dance or that "eye" its time to move on...

    Also it just depends on what your looking for...a girlfriend or can easily spend so much at a Strip club that it just amkes sense to hire a pro


    i have only on one occassion been to a strippers place for sex. I am married and she knew it....i will not give ANY details so don't even ask.

    and suprisingly...not a brazilian.
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  12. trigger


    I tried to get my ATF dancer to go out with me for some outside activities. However, it never materialized because I finally realized that she would just say yes just to get me back to the club on her working nights. Possible reasons, I didn't have enough green, wasn't her type, etc. Eventually, I got the hint that she wasn't interested. I was still friendly to her but my LD's with her stopped. I have a 3 strikes rule. If I don't hit a homerun on the third try,then I move on and I don't waste my time. As the old saying goes, there are too many fish in the sea to worry about a measly sea bass. In this case, bass stands for Beautiful ASS.
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  13. brykster


    thank hace.

    that's a fine tactic...but i get the feeling trigon likes this chick and is probably harboring hopes of a relationship outside the club; and it's a little hard to come right out and ask "how much to suck my cock?" to someone you like. i myself, have a lot of difficulty negotiating services up front. to me, i like the challenge of working out the issue in the booth. of course, you run the risk of disappointment; but to me, the rewards of spontinaeity are worth it.

    ...but alas, it seems to me trigon posed the question; but doesn't seem to want to involve himself in the dialogue. i'd rather labor in addressing the concerns of people who are interested.
  14. hacecarne123


    Bryk is soooo right, his jealosy tactic can work wonders, while also providing some amusement while doing it.

    Good one Bryk
  15. theo1


    What's wrong with just stating your case straight out to the lady BEFORE you head to the champagne room again?

  16. brykster


    2,832 more point i forgot to mention. not every dancer in a "extras" club performs extras. very often i run into dancers who play by their own rules regardless of the club standards. you see this from time to time with dancers who are far more attractive than the "regular" girls at a club charging their own LD rate. this usually sets me into fits of hysterical laughter as i briskly walk away.
  17. brykster



    you are in the wrong hobby.


    first off, courting means dating as in seeing outside the club. it does not sound like you are courting this girl.

    secondly, ymmv ALWAYS applies. you are attempting an intimate act and if a dancer is repulsed by you, it doesn't matter how much you put up, you won't get what you want. had a similar situation myself. saw this dancer i was practically in love with. my boy dances with her first. he gets DFK and some skull, then i dance with her and get gotz. i ain't gonna lie, it fuckin' hurt...but that's life.

    my advice to you is forget her and move on to the next. while i am nowhere near as cynical as Loulovesit, there are a fair number of dancers who will sap you till no end if given the chance. perhaps you are new to the hobby; but the way it works is if you don't get what you are looking for the first (maybe second time), it's unlikely that you will ever get it; because you become "the guy who is satisfied with just a plain old dance." satisfied???...of course, why else would you be a repeat customer if you weren't happy with what you were getting? right.

    that being said, what will occasionally work for me is i will completely ignore her for my next 6 to 10 visits, while dancing with all her "friends." then i reap the benefits of the most powerful force of all...the jealousy of a female. of course, this is just as likely to backfire and you make an enemy; but i think that's no worse than your current situation.

    lastly, you can't underestimate the sentiment of LarryDarrel. alot of these dancers in high mileage rooms are very cautious of cops. let's face it, if you are white dude walking into any extras club, you probably look dreadfully out of place. the trick here is to quickly ascert yourself as a monger. Always drink alcohol, grab the dancers privates as much as possible and frequently pull out your dick. do these things; and it will be clear you are not a cop. that's how i proved myself in 5th Ave and Mickey Dee's. just pulled my cock out at the bar and all was understood. be bold!!!!

    now, my typical therapy rate is $75 an hour. where can i forward the bill? : )


    maybe she smelled pork?
  19. loulovesit


    has she given you her number yet?how much loot have you dropped on her these girls are all about the flash and the cash .. unless of course you got some nose candy or extremley good looking or flush with the jakes all you are going to get is air .... stripers are the scum of the entertainment world they will bleed you dry and all you will get is a hard on you have to take care of yourself.
  20. trigon


    I have been courting a dancer who works at a generally known "extras" club. I have had several champagne room visits with her but thus far have had only air. I am a good customer so I don't know what I am doing wrong. does the acronym Ymmv apply even at extras places or am I doing something wrong with this particular dancer?