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Discussion in 'New York' started by mikelove72, Feb 19, 2003.

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  1. neilz


    If you enjoy her company beyond the sex, go for it. Otherwise you will be bored and the relationship will disolve.
  2. Mr. Sinatra

    Mr. Sinatra


    Once you cross the line, you have crossed over into the Twilight Zone. There is no way in hell that you can determine boundaries and/or acceptable behavior for the both of you outside of a commercial relationship.

    Do you see each other socially, but not fuck? Do you become an item and not pay her anymore and accept her continuing her career? Do you see each other socially and not include any touchy feely stuff? The permutations are endless.

    I'm sure you are a swell guy, and who wouldnt wanna hang with you............but. My advise is:


  3. hot4chicks


    hhmmm, curious post. the chick is "private stock", possibly UTR, and wants to see him outside of a commercial sex relationship, but he doesnt want a friendly relationship. WTF am I missing?

    So, basically, he wants to boink her , for free, and send her on her way.

    Now, if hes married, he should boink her at home in his bed, around the time his wife comes home. That way he can explain that he got a great deal, from a hooker he used to pay, for free.

    Plus, if hes caught, we'll have something to talk about.
  4. pamperpaige


    Dream on....

    I asume you are talking about "Julie's'. I'm sure it was not myself, maybe "Samantha" in the act of passion - do not be confused, sweet boy... you must have been real yummy...... all you really need is a threesome - next...
  5. lonewolf69


    Why run? If you set up the ground rules and you are going to honor it. What's wrong with that? Of course this is coming from someone who has more than two friends the personally gotten involved with providers.

    Providers are people too and if you are her special private stock customer maybe she feels comfortable enough to hang out with you. Someone who she can talk to and have fun with on a friendly date, think how hard it must be for her to do this?

    I'm not saying providers don't have friends, I'm sure they do, but to have a friend who knows she's in the business and won't be judgement would be a huge plus.

    Take it for what is worth just go out and hang out with her, like a bar buddy. After reading some of the other threads, please make sure of the following:

    1. Set ground rules first (nothing heavy just a mutual understanding that both of you can agree upon) something along the lines of this is a "friend's only" type of get together, no LTR (long term relationship), hanging out to have fun, chatting only, etc...
    2. Hanging out - outside of a provider/customer scene doesn't mean freebies, don't assume that hanging out means freebies
    3. It doesn't mean discounts either

    If you can agree to the above rules and stick by them I see no reasons why you shouldn't hang out with her, perhaps getting to know her more may (or may not) strengthen, deepen your relationship with her and perhaps performance during the professional services might improve????

    If you can't accept anything I just stated, RUN, RUN like the wind!!
  6. Casper


    Set the ground rules ahead of time in case she's looking to dig her claws into you. You can always say, but we agree on such and such.

    My other suggest is also to run.
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  7. Eugene


    Voice of experience.

    If you go for it, both of you will regret it in the nearest future.
  8. howardnotstern


  9. Mr. Sinatra

    Mr. Sinatra

  10. mikelove72


    I need some advice. Recently a private stock girl of mine said that she would like to see me outside of the norm meaning she would like to hang out with me and stuff. She seems cool so I guess it would be ok. I just don't want a relationship or anything. What should I do?