After Dark - Newark: The price of winning the Cold War

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  1. brykster


    John, new LD rooms in Cabaret. full menu offerred with standard pricing. quality is on par with Rah Rah' better.
  2. Pulled Pork

    Pulled Pork

    The dollar dances at Moonlight are not five dollar dances. It seems that you get more time but the standard is not five. The only dollar grinds that I know of are Vic and the Champ' Room, when it re-opens tomorrow. Both are in Irvington and can be a little rough.
  3. johnfromnjersey


    It’s been awhile since I visited Paterson but in the past most of the rooms (e.g. Moonlight, Baby Dolls, Cabaret) had $1 bar dances. Problem was they did not have ld rooms and extras were had to come by.
  4. momomini


    Dances at RahRah's are up to $35. Stick with BU.
  5. dexterfreebish


    Thanks for the info. I've done the RahRah's thing B4. As long as the owner isn't around the place thrives. Bottums Up sounds interesting. I also read in another thread about a Vila Indios in Newark still did the bar side dances.
    Did a drive by the other day to check out the local, seemed ok if daylight was present, but not sure about night by yourself. I used to frequent
    George & I (which is very close to it) but drink prices are stupid crazy and the $ parade is relentless.
    Avenue C was also another parade bar. You need to find the holes in the wall which are out of the limelight in order to have a better unrestriced time. Just my opinion but it seems that once they get to popular LE seems to come or ABC or town complains etc.. and the fun ends.
  6. johnfromnjersey


    Try Bottoms Up or Rah Rahs. The ladies at Rahs give $1 ld at the bar and sometimes a lot more. Not too much bar action at BU but $1 will by some grouping. Lap dances in both rooms are outstanding. There is a Zina on the BU A-list. She is Russian but has dark hair. Check out the threads. .
  7. dexterfreebish


    Pubway, lol a blast from the past. Just watch out for the holes in the floor.
    Bringing up After Dark, Diana was far better looking then Anna, but Anna was more receptive to the mongreling type. Now there used to be a girl Zina that worked there, very Nice blond, and also a girl Mila and Shasha(hope i spelled it right).

    Question to all fellow mongrelers, are there any more places that still do the dollar lap dances at the bar? It was the best cause if the girl sucked you could blow her off without a great loss of money. I hate doing the $20 spot to get some crappy chick that dosent know how to turn on crap.
  8. Pulled Pork

    Pulled Pork

    Jyris, In the old days you had Diana, Anna, Tonya and a very few other older Russians who were if not hot atleast acceptable. The rest were pigs. In the old days when the clubs were hot, if the Pubway was not working out for you then you would go to Afterdark or George's. My question is was there anyone you would have considered take out with. Way back when they wanted way too much money for my taste. Maybe poverty has changed that.
  9. jyris


    Obituary #? –

    I hadn’t been by this place for years – since its days of infamy – but I let curiosity get the better of me on my way home Saturday. Short story – the cat is dead, having used up all of its remaining lives in fifteen minutes.

    Same stupid $ 3.00 cover charge; back in the day, when there were fifty or so “dancers” and an atmosphere of pure filth and raunch, who cared? Now, it’s just ridiculous.

    Five or six patrons, tops; every one of them (me included) looked embarrassed to be there. Barmaid looked more like a new species of amphibian than any go-go bar barmaid that I’ve ever seen. She couldn’t understand my drink order, so I just ordered in Russian – BIG mistake. After handing me my drink, she started to take her top down – I had to physically restrain her. My hand on her wrist and the look of revulsion on my face finally got through to her: “No teep?” Shit, I gave her a buck to keep her top UP.

    “Talent” consisted of an over-tattooed fat latina of some stripe and three Russian grandmas. Lest you think that I exaggerate, I overheard one of them actually speaking about her grandkids to the barmaid (in Russian). She then sidled over to me to ask for a drink, so I asked her (in English) how old she was. Using some arcane mathematics that undoubtedly contributed to the demise of the Motherland, she comes up with “Thirty-two?” (you could actually hear the question in her voice). When I busted her and told her that I had understood the conversation that she’d had with the barmaid, she got all indignant, screaming at me that I’m not a gentleman (as opposed to the type of men she usually meets there, I guess). I left without finishing my drink, vowing never to return.
  10. dexterfreebish


    After "Barf"

    This place was the bomb back in the early 90's. Bar side lap dances for a buck and the "anything goes" attitude was great. As with most of the better places ABC put to much pressure on the owner "BiJohn" and when they got busted with the lapdances for the bumb ruskies asking the undercover cops to pay for extras the end had come. Locaction is perfect right off rte 21. Easy to hop right on the highway and zoom home in a straight line. I was there about 2 months ago and not even an sign of anything.
    Answer = Demoish and use for rte 21 widening.
    The End :cool:
  11. Darren213


    Do they still do the stool dancing or are they inside the bar? I haven't been there in about 6 months, but would consider returning if there is some contact.
  12. Grownup



    -As for afterdark this used to be somewhat ok 8 years ago now it's ugly fat Russian women. I swing by now and then hoping for olden days since it's on way home, especially with new bar layout, but alas it's like why am I here? You basically give the women a dollar so they will go away from you, best money spent in my opinion.

    The Pubway has been closed(unless it has reopened) for a couple years now. It had gotten bought out by some newark police who would bring in russian/latinas. Sometimes it would be good and get good stool dance for a dollar. Basically was good place to play pool(betting) and look at tits, then head across street to Hamiltons(regular Irish bar) for drinks or visa versa since Pubay was open to 3am.

    On one occasion I was at the Pubway with friends and was in good game of 3 ball on pool table, ante was upt to about $30. Friends all went over to hamiltons but I was still in the game. There were lots of girls there that night about 6 and they where taking things a bit further in bathroom. One girl slipped hand down pants and jerked me a little while I waited my turn on the pool table, but wasn't interested at the time. Some one won the pool before my next turn. So I went to Hamiltons to meet up with friends. As soon as I got into Hamiltons 5 state police cars showed up with ABC and they raided the place. Halled all the women off in a van hancuffed. Place has been shut down ever since.

  13. mpaul


    All I know is that review was some good laughing.
  14. Hyabby

    Hyabby Guest

    Pubway in Newark

    A blast from the past . . .

    I haven't been to a strip club or go-go bar in years. But Steve's Pubway in Newark - early 80s when I actually worked in that town - would hang there lunchtime or after work couple of days a week. Brings back memories . . .
  15. paulbunyon


    Good informative review as noted by the others but I was last at this joint in the summer on a Wed or Thurs. (apprx. July or Aug.) and the dancers were mostly Spanish (Dominican). I actually observed a quite brisk takeout scene going on that night (i.e.-chicks were going out to patrons cars to service them in the parking lot) but I didn't partake cause I got there pretty late. The only Ruskie I remember seeing that night was the bartender. Maybe its changed in the last couple of months or maybe it depends on the night you go as to what nationality of girl you find working there. Just my 2 sense.
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  16. xanfiles


    Yeah, that'll encourage the people to contribute even more.
  17. greyfox


    It's a perfect post.Informative,witty,irreverently funny without being malicious,and with just the right touch of self-deprecating humor(a page out of the jl and BMM style manuals).Keep 'em coming.
  18. Pulled Pork

    Pulled Pork

    Shoot..I thought your post was wrong then but correct now. True The door for the head did not close and after using it you would want to take a shower. True you had the worst babushka skanks in Northern New Jersey. Katrina was the lap dance machine...she is now working at BU as is Tonya and Marina. Diana was the only hot one..she is now at 5th Ave. True the place was nasty and skanky but if you wanted high grinding lap dances this was the place to go. Non stop lapping for a buck every few minute at the bar or on the wall. It was so nasty anything could happen....the milage was great and take-out was available. ABC had a hard on for the place and raided them a number of times. So the owner put lap dance booths in the back...and some of the girls started giving head and other things back there.

    Now after intense ABC pressure you couldn't get a dancer to shake your hand. One of the barternders was the nastiest dancer in the she runs the place completely legit. In its day this club was the sleazy rival to Moonlight in Paterson and the Pubway in Newark. Now I wouldn't waste my time with it. Recently I had one Russian girl at Afterdark offer to go to a hotel with me. She wanted $300. She was older and over weight. I her prime she wasn't worth $300. This place now is a complete waste of time...But it did have its day.
  19. Shoot2Thrill


    Things are looking up they got a door!

    But otherwise interesting to note not much has changed in the last several years:
    From one of my earlier posts!
    Sun Aug 4, 2002 -
    After Dark in Newark is one of the most disgusting clubs around
    anywhere. First you pay $3 to get in which is total hogwash.
    Second, the dancers are gross, as is the place; the men's room has no
    door, which is totally appropriate for the club. No need to separate
    filth from filth. There is a stage it not managed about who or when
    an erection deflating Brazilian or Russian beaches up. This place is
    loser haven. The fact that you are reading this says you have enough
    smarts to do way better.

    Clearly a nice review Mr. Rowe!
  20. justlooking


    Holy Fucking Shit