Alaska, Pure as the driven slush

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    5 Rethuglicans and 1 Democrook have their offices raided by the FBI in a corruption investigation


    The Corrupt Bastards Club started as a barroom joke last spring among Alaska legislators whose names were linked to large campaign contributions from oil field services company VECO Corp.
    “Somebody walked up and said, ‘You corrupt bastards,’ and that name stuck,” said House Finance Co-Chairman Mike Chenault, R-Nikiski.
    Campaign contributions from VECO executives to 11 lawmakers, including Chenault, were detailed in a guest opinion article that ran in the state’s three largest newspapers in March. A 12th lawmaker, Senate President Ben Stevens, the son of U.S. Sen Ted Stevens, he of the 260M bridge to nowhere and the tubes that make up the Internets fame was also noted in the article as receiving generous consulting fees from VECO. Stevens has collected more than $240,000 from VECO since 2000.

    “It was a barroom joke that (was made) after Ms. Backes wrote her article about legislators that had received money from VECO,” Chenault said.
    Hats were even made with the initials “CBC” on them, but “that was the extent of the CBC deal,” Chenault said.

    BTW the current Republican Governor Frank Murkowski came in last in a 3 way Republican primary.