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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by Prince, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Nope, no greek on her menu. Standard pricing for this agency $160/half hour and $200/hour
  2. onlypar72


    great post.
    Was greek on the menu and could you give us a price.
    Thanks, keep up the good recon work
  3. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Last night decided to TOFTT and see Alex of Jersey*******. At first I was a little uneasy as the physical description and the photographs did not match. The description stated a slim 34D, but the photograph showed a B cup at best. Other than that, since I like them slim, this looked like there was potential for me.

    Called and spoke with Paul and got hooked up for thirty minutes later. And, as usual, asked him to prep the way for me and asked for lingerie and tell her I like passion. Also, asked him that I would prefer not to wait outside and he said no problem. Since he knew me and the fact that when I make an appointment I actually show up, all was set. I arrived at the hotel 5 minutes early, called and Paul asked me to hold for a second so he could call up in advance for me. Twenty seconds later he told me the room number and told me she was aware of my requests.

    Got to the room and a lovely woman answers the door. We shake hands and exchange a sweet kiss. She’s wearing a lace thong and hot corset. An awesome pair of D’s is bulging out of the top of the bustier. I had to ask – description and photo don’t match. She said the photos were prior to a little enhancement. Little enhancement? Well, very nice and very well done – these puppies were great.

    Gave the donation, she called in and the fun began. We stood and made out a bit – LFK turning into DFK. Mutual groping led to “let’s get undressed.” Stripped and immediately zeroed in on those lovely enhancements. From their I went south to partake of some sweet, clean DATY. While dining at the Y, she was fondling the girls above with some slight moans. This went on for a while until it was my turn. Laid back, propped a pillow under my head (so I could watch) and she started with some Russian on Big Jim and then some licking of the twins. Nice, sensual technique and she had my attention. She then started some licking up and down the shaft, licking of the tip and eventually engulfed me. She proceeded to give me a very nice BBBJ for a good deal f time, varying her technique along the way. Sometimes licking, sometimes sucking, sometimes DT – needless to say, I enjoyed. Flipped her around for some 69 and while in that position, she applied a hat, flipped around and slipped me inside for an excellent CG ride. Felt great. A little of that and then on to a modified mish (me sitting up on my knees, her legs on my shoulders). Pounding away for while and almost lost it there, but stopped so I could finish doggie.

    Afterwards relaxed and chatted. Very intelligent lady who has a professional business life as well.

    Very much recommend. Nice girl, hot body, great service. I’ll see her again.