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Discussion in 'New York' started by benisbig, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. shorty


    sorry slinkster - bad! I'll keep my horeshit to myself next time.
  2. Captain Kirk

    Captain Kirk

    Never once heard a cop say "good buddy"

    Roger Roger.
    Over Over.
  3. MrFreeze451


    10-4 good buddy
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    thanks Slinky
  5. Slinky Bender

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    I've removed 6 posts so far in this thread: I've warned people before DO NOT BRING CL BULLSHIT OVER HERE. IF IT'S NOT SOMETHING YOU KNOW ABOUT, DON'T BE REPOSTING HORESHIT.

    (typo intentional)
  6. ZagatMP


    I wouldve done it on ur friends bed and left him a big surprise on his pillow. Nice review!
  7. MetroJay1


    I hope your friend appreciates you not using his bed. Nice review. $80 for the hh seems like a decent price for cbj and cfs. Nice one.
  8. benisbig


    Borrowed my friend's apt last night and called Alexis. She advertises on CL and is $80 for hh. Figured it couldn't be too bad for the price so I gave her a try. Made an appointment for 8 PM and she was pleasent on the phone. She called a few minutes before 8 to say she was in the area but couldn't find parking. I was afraid it would be hard because it was just off B'way in Elmhurst. She shows up and is a bit weird, doesn't like to look you in the eye but had a nice think body. It's her in the pic's. She's not fat but thick and has a nice soft ass. She dressed casually, pants and shirt. She came in and hugged me. Asked to take a shower cause it was so hot last night and asked if I wanted to join her. She washed up and started to lick my nipples and rub my cock as I soaped her up. Got out and she got the rubber out and dropped to her knees and started to blow me. Nice CBJ, liked when I grabbed her head and kept my dick all the way in. She gagged a bit a few times but still kept her tongue moving. She stopped and asked if we should move onto the bed but I didn't want my friend knowing so I said let's stay in the living room and sat on the couch. She dropped to her knees again and said how she liked being down there then went back to the cbj. A couple of more minutes and I pulled her head up then she asked if I was ready to fuck her. She went on the couch doggie and spread her cheeks. I plowed into her for awhile pulling her hair and watching her ass jiggle. She was moaning quietly like she was shy. I decided I wanted to sit and let her ride me abit so she hopped on and off we went to the races. She was facing me so I can grab those big tits. I busted at that point. She cleaned up took the money I put on a table without mentioning it.

    Over all a nice girl, I'm not sure why she won't look me in the eye but I've met people like that. Pretty and if you like a lush full soft body she's got it. I'm still thinking of the way her ass rippled when rammed her and how her tits bounced. The service was what I consider an upper teir street walker service. Not GFE by any means but she doesn't advertise that. I'll do her again when I can use someone's appartment next time.