AlQueda Planned Second Assault on NYC

Discussion in 'Politics and Religion' started by Lou Grant, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. oddfellow4870


    Call the ACLU! Maybe they can keep us from conducting surveillance operations so that those cell groups can succeed so that we can blame the Republicans for not protecting us OR if the cell groups do not succeed, we'll just blame the Republicans for trashing the constitution!

    Attack modes for ALL occassions, brought to you by our friendly minority party.....

    (how do you do a cynical smile emoticon?)

    :( !?
  2. Bandaid


    I'm sure they plan a lot of operations in the hope that one or two or a few will come to fruition. This one is not the only one out there, we can be sure of that.
  3. Al Kikuras

    Al Kikuras

    Sleeper Cells are awakening, KILL THEM ALL!!

    Seven arrested for terror plot in Miami
    New York, June 23. (PTI): Seven members of the radical Black Muslim group were arrested in Miami for allegedly plotting terrorist strikes at various targets including Chicago's Sears Tower and FBI building in Miami.

    Law enforcement officials said the plot was still in early stages and during searches no bombs, weapons or bomb making materials were found.

    The men were Americans and had no direct links with al-Qaeda, but one of them was said to have taken al-Qaeda oath, officials said.

    The group had carried out surveillance of at 110-floor Sears Towers, the tallest skyscraper in the US, at 435 meters.

    The arrests came after a month-long undercover operation when the FBI infiltrated into the group.

    The threat level to the Miami and Chicago was not raised as the officials said, they were not in immediate danger and the plot had been disrupted in the early stages.

    FBI agents used a blowtorch to take off the metal door of a warehouse in a poor back neighbourhood in Miami, which they searched.

    The arrested are expected to be indicted on the charges of attempting to "maliciously damage or destroy" property by an explosive device.

    "There is no imminent threat to Miami or any other area because of these operations," Richard Kolko, spokesman for FBI headquarters in Washington, told media.

    "It would be inappropriate for us to confirm or deny the details of the news reports about federal law enforcement action before an official statement from Justice Department," CNN quoted managing director of the Sears Tower Barbara Carley as saying.
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  4. Lou Grant

    Lou Grant

    According to a new book published and excerpted in next week's issue of Time magazine, Al Queda had planned another NYC attack potentially more devastating (body count-wise) than 9/11. While the account was called off, as explained it was quite easy to formulate a plan for this attack

    Excerpt from book:

    "U.S. intelligence got its first inkling of the plot from the contents of a laptop computer belonging to a Bahraini jihadist captured in Saudi Arabia early in 2003. It contained plans for a gas-dispersal system dubbed "the mubtakkar" (Arabic for inventive). Fearing that al-Qaeda's engineers had achieved the holy grail of terror R&D — a device to effectively distribute hydrogen-cyanide gas, which is deadly when inhaled — the CIA immediately set about building a prototype based on the captured design, which comprised two separate chambers for sodium cyanide and a stable source of hydrogen, such as hydrochloric acid. A seal between the two could be broken by a remote trigger, producing the gas for dispersal. The prototype confirmed their worst fears: "In the world of terrorist weaponry," writes Suskind, "this was the equivalent of splitting the atom. Obtain a few widely available chemicals, and you could construct it with a trip to Home Depot – and then kill everyone in the store."

    The device was shown to President Bush and Vice President Cheney the following morning, prompting the President to order that alerts be sent through all levels of the U.S. government. Easily constructed and concealed, mass casualties were inevitable if it could be triggered in any enclosed public space. "

    link to article