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Discussion in 'New York' started by tom palmer, Oct 2, 2001.

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  1. Geezy Muldoon

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    Session rooms are on the small side both upstairs (next to bathroom with shower) and downstairs (in-room bathroom without shower). Would recommend either Adrianna (Polish 25 year old with pictures on website) or Vanessa. Have not yet seen any of the others. Both provide decent pro sessions. Since sense of connection is always completely illusory and pleasure is all in the story(ies) you tell yourself while thus engaged, effect is reasonable in relation to the price.

    Adrianna, the only one of the two who has been reviewed on ***, is rated highly in *** reviews for looks and service. No doubt by romantics of some sort or other who have pushed her scores up. Good looking 25 year old girl with a good body who gives good tough massages. Hint: Manage the session yourself and time yourself if you want to come twice, take shower afterwards (to wash off residual hooker perfume smell - always a sure fire hit with the wife) even if you have taken one before the session started.
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    I've never been there but word is the rooms are cramped. Amber looks terrific, though - has anyone seen her?
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    Amanda's NYC Angels?

    If this is amanda's nyc angels, go for Alex, if you like thin blondes. Alissa is not GFE, but gives good service if you like latina girls with huge and natural tits.
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    If you leave the link it may prompt memory.... name rings a bell... but hey am so burnt it could be anything.. lol... need another vacation...

    Anyone want to hit Dominican Republic???
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    guys- about to call this agency-any info on the value-the pic's ive seen are cool-let me know tom