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Discussion in 'New York' started by bro_xtian, Jun 19, 2001.

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    I have also been reading the posts on Amandas. I decided to check them out after work today. I called to make an appt. with Adrianna, they said she was available. Had to go to a designated corner and call. I called and had to wait 10 minutes to meet there runner. He walked me the long way around the block and checked my ID and business card. (I understand there are security measures for first time clients) Anyway, long story short - the girl they introduced to me was an attractive woman, but it was not the Adrianna that I saw on the web site. I thought about staying for a moment, but I just did not feel comfortable, there was no AC, very thin walls, was baited & switched, just a bad vibe in general.
    So I hightailed it to Julies and had a great session with Lola. As always YMMV.
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    price point is slightly north of Julies, but within reason. I've seen some very good reviews on ***
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    At least one of the providers on their web site, Gabriell, used to work at Wall Street Adventures, which closed some time ago. I know that that establishment relocated and that the current day time phone person at Amanda's is the same person who did the booking for Wall Street Adventures. So, assuming the place is under the same management, it is well worth a visit. They tend to pamper clients in an upscale manner, and they offer a great variety of providers. Gabriell was a doll. Time with her in session was first rate. I am planning, if my schedule allows it, to visit them tomorrow. If I do, I will post a follow-up review tomorrow evening.
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    minds want.

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    anyone have any information about this place?

    seems to be a lot of posting about it on TBD, especially about the girls alex and adrianna, claiming outstanding julie's-like service at a julie's-like price, plus the girls on the site (in addition to the two mentioned) seem on the young and very attractive.