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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by DannyNJ, Oct 29, 2001.

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  1. Evil_Twin


    No Problems

    I have used Amber's service five times and never had any problems getting together with the girl. I had to wait one time because I arrived a half hour early. Sometimes the phone is busy for 5 or 10 minutes, but that is the only inconvenience I ever experienced. I was not totally satisfied with all the girls, one is no longer there, but I never had any problems with the service.
  2. DannyNJ


    HN - I agree with your post, and I really hadn't planned to post anymore but I was merely responding to Thorn's statements. I don't want to harp on about it... was just trying to share info about the unfortunate experience in an effort to warn others. Case Closed.
  3. justme

    justme homo economicus

    Maybe it's cause I'm petty, but when I get bad service (and if what happened, happened the way Danny describes he got some pretty bad service) I tend to be very vocal about it at every opportunity I can get.
  4. Humble Narrator

    Humble Narrator

    A couple of observations...

    First, I would point out that I am not a new member. Second, while perhaps not quite the "elder statesman" that my comrade Thorn is, I do think I am an impartial, objective (as much as is possible) and fair reviewer. I also try dilligently to make my reviews as dispassionate as I can, leaving the rhetoric to others more qualified (You know who you are).

    Having said all the above, I have to say that my experiences with A&F are above average compared to other agencies. Several months ago there was some conflict over a person who had previously worked for A&F and who was publicly airing some dirty laundry. Sue and I had a lengthy AIM correspondence and I felt she was being mostly fair in her treatment of the subject.

    Jump ahead to a few weeks ago: I finally book with Sam and have an incredible time. The admin staff at A&F went out of their way to keep me up-to-date with her status for that day, given that she wasn't really scheduled to start early enough to fit my schedule. They were clearly trying their best. The result: a fabulous time for me.

    So, bottom line for me is that they are doing right by me. Now, if I am Danny I have to be pretty bummed out, but if they just can't meet his needs, it's time to move on. I would not continue to flood this or other threads with the same information. If Danny is trying to warn others about potentially lacking service, he has done so already. Anyone searching the posts for info on A&F will get his viewpoint many times over.

    So, how does this end? If Danny is convinced he can't get what he wants, why continue the discussion?
  5. Ambernj2001


    Well Dannynj that is your choice. If you change your mind call me.
  6. DannyNJ



    When the first 2 of my visits turned out to be runarounds, I sent a detailed email to them expressing my anger. They responded with a very apologetic email, and offered me two free sessions. They said "this will never happen to you again".

    I chose a day to take them up on the offer. They told me not to drive up to North NJ until they were sure when she was coming in. At 2:00, I was told she would be in at 3:30 so I took the ride.

    At 3:30 she was not in yet. She would be in at 4:30.
    I waited an hour.

    At 4:30 she was not in yet.
    I waited.

    At 5:00 she was not in yet. She would be in at 6:00.
    I waited.

    At 6:00 she was not in yet. She would be in at 7:00.
    I waited.

    I called back at 7:00, was told that she came in at 6:30. I was told that since they had no number to call me, they had booked her with another client and it was a 2 hour appointment. Even though they knew that I had called every 1/2 hour, was waiting, and was told that she would be in at 7:00.

    Keep in mind this was my THIRD time trying to see her. I don't want you to think that I didn't give them a fair try. I think I was more than patient.

    I see a lot of positive reviews above (although many of them seem to be from brand new members) so if it works for other members, great. At this point, there is no offer they could make to get me to drive an hour up there again.
  7. Ambernj2001


    To Let Everyone Know

    We Offered him 2 Free sessions on us.. And we are more then happy to let him come... With the girl of his choice.. When ever he wants.. Dannynj did have a real bad expierence unfortunly and we want to make it up too him..So all he has to do is e-mail us or call.... Thanks Sue
  8. Thorn



    This is coming from the prospective of an... oh, lets call me an 'elder statesman' of whoring.

    I say that just to let you know I'm no new kid on the block.

    Its from that prospective that I can tell you that I never questioned Danny's veracity as to his telling of the situation he experienced.

    I've never found any of his posts to be over inflated and lacking in his ability to be candid with his thoughts.

    What I would do different, if I were he, having invested the time [and hearing what others had to say about services being offered] is contact Sue and politely push the issue.

    Frankly, I think Sue owes Danny one [maybe two]. Also, frankly, from what I hear of Sue and the rest of Amber's admin core, they are highly likely to make good on it. Which might lead to a session or two well worth having.

    Given the odds, if I were a gambling man [and I am] I'd put a few bob on it to win. :)

    Danny, why don't you try exactly that and DO PLEASE let us know how it turned out. I know I would be curious to see to what extent they went to make you a happy customer.
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  9. Evil_Twin



    I had the pleasure of seeing Samantha this evening. She is every bit as enjoyable as mentioned in other reviews. I can't wait for round two.
  10. Escort_King

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    They just started.....
  11. has anyone used amber and friends for outcall???
  12. tracker_12345


    Rev: Amber and Friends

    I have seen several girls at this agency and found that they run a very good service. Although I have run into Victoria and had a horrible session, it was really my fault I didn't listen to the reviews. All the other girls I have seen have been nothing short of spectacular. Here are some highlights:

    Samantha - she is a little hottie....alot smaller than I imagine from the pics but worth every penny....BBBJ and FS

    Jesse - saw her twice, just keeps getting better and better...BBBJ and FS

    Lisa - saw her twice, even tho her rates went up she has got the hottest body I've ever seen..PSE..CBJ....FS

    Amy - nice girl tried her out on Sue's advice...I just didn't bring my A game that day...CBJ...FS

    Savanna - this was the first girl I saw at this agency so I was big time nervous, but I paid for the hour and only got 20 minutes...she is definite hottie...would like another crack at this one....CBJ...FS

    Sue keep up the good've got a lifetime customer do you feel about lifetime memberships...after a certain number of visits every one is free...LOL...I wish.
  13. robnotbob


    Tomahawk: set up an appt with Jessie. She is a doll.
  14. tomahawk9


    Thank you all for your thoughts. One of Jessie's photos is tempting enough to get me past concerns having to do with common sense or anything else.
  15. Gunszzzzz


    I don't care what anyone says disrespect to Tomahawk or whoever else had a good session with Amber's service, but to hear DannyNJ get shit on more than once by the same business is despicable.

    I'm not trying to suck up, but since I trust DannyNJ's posts from JAG and here, I don't think that he has an axe to grind--whatever that phrase means--and b/c of that, I'll never use Amber's service.

    and I was just starting to trust what sue was saying, too.....
  16. DannyNJ


    Right on Slinky

    Slinky is absolutely correct - the big differentiator is how they handle it when they do screw up. In my particular case, after having driven a long way and been jerked around for hours TWICE, they emailed me and offered me two free sessions to make up for it. That's excellent customer service.

    EXCEPT - when I drove there again to try to claim one of those free sessions, I got jerked around again for several hours and still never got an appointment. That's shitty customer service.
  17. ew

    ew Silver

    Thorn, there have been allegations of bait and switch and poor service on *** for this service.
  18. Slinky Bender

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    It's a common problem in dealing with a consumer business. If one in a hundred customers gets "screwed up", it sounds great.

    Unless of course, you're the one in a hundred. While "their" batting average of "successes" might be .990, "your" batting average for "failures" is 1.000, and that's all any one particular person cares about, isn't it ? ( I mean, I would think it's nice if all my friends like a place, but what I really care about is if I like the place ).

    Now, this leads to an important point: if you're looking for any business which doesn't screw up, you'll never find one. What differentiates them ( separates the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff, etc. ) is how they handle things when they do screw up.

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  19. DannyNJ


    If I set up a 3:30 meeting and saw the girl at 4:15, I would have been perfectly happy.
  20. Thorn



    I'd be the first one to lamblast a bad place. I don't have any first hand experience with "Amber's" yet. I do know what I have read.

    No complaints of bait and switch. No complaints of bad service, vis-a-vie everyone accept Violet, who no longer works for them.

    The only knock I've seen, and fairly consistantly, is that they can be a tad unorganized. Meaning, if you set up a session for 3:30 pm, you might not see the girl until 4pm-4:15pm, and the like.

    Sue has been very open to the notions we've been putting forth here on UG. Amber's, as a business, appears to be very customer service oriented.

    Its a relatively new service. So, give them a chance to shake out. I think their potential is high and, with any luck, we'll wind up with a first class agency in Norther NJ when all is said and done.

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