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Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by cbdc1200, Dec 5, 2001.

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  1. cbdc1200


    Sammy Fantastic. I agree with you 100% The girls that work for A&F are awesome & I've never been rushed.. My all time Favorite. Its like going on a mini vaction
  2. joel


    To reiterate what SAMMYFANTASTIC says about the 9 and 10 girls, check out the RIPOFF section in the *** website. Amazing how many of them are listed as Model Material and they show up and only dance for you to the tune of $$$ or more. These posts seem to be all California but some of the high falutin Manhatten girls I'll bet are the same.
    Of course Amber and Friends has some girls that are 9's and 10's, get great reviews and cost less.
    Good job Amber.
  3. sammyfantastic


    Better bang for the buck!

    I've been using A&F for a while while checking out some of their competitors on the Web. Although personal opinions may vary, I personally feel that A&F has more better looking girls among the crowd. True, you can find model material girls with those $500 to $1000 per hour agencies, but not too many of us can afford them. Besides, pictures on the web almost always look better than the real person, especially those fancy studio ones. Further, a session's quality is mostly determined by the girl's attitude. A 9 or 10 girl may think she's a gift for men from heaven and turn you completely off. Since they can make a lot of money more easily, they tend to have more restrictions, leaving you with fewer choices to try. That's why everybody is constantly searching for the all elusive GFE. I know A&F can't guarantee you that, but at least they seem to try very hard to get at it. I've seen a few of their girls frequently being associated with that term.

    DannyDon, what new banners are you talking about? Here or on their site? I haven't noticed anything new yet. Please advise!
  4. DandyDon


    Sue, Thumbs Up for the new banners!! We all have seen your business bloom and with the banners, there's no telling how big you will get. I just hope you save some time for us "oldies" I hope to see you at the Dec party................
  5. Ambernj2001


    Or tat for tit.... LOL

    We want to help UG as much as we can so in addtion to buying 2 banners we also are putting links of UG up. So far the UG link is on the Amber's top sites link.
  6. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Amber's has a link to UG?

    I guess that's tit for tat.
  7. cbdc1200


    "WOW" they are great.... each girl is better than the last & they have an awesome website that says it all, Im new to this sight, Im glad I found it, more thanx to Amber & friends b/c i found this link through Amber's top sites
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