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Discussion in 'Long Island' started by Mikeinli, Sep 20, 2016.

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  1. Banacek

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    Why don't these places just get licensed and avoid this pitfall? Is a license that hard to obtain?
  2. sixtyearold


    This was a legit place. I know both of these women very well. They are very decent women. Better than most.

    The problem here is no legit license and I don't understand why they would be singled out over several other legit places in the area.

    I am thinking that they may have been the victim of feared competition by one of the other legits (and I will not say which one because I have no definitive proof, but I am instinctively sure) who may have directed police attention to them.

    Of course it also could have been a disgruntled customer not getting a HE he was looking for, but I believe the former is more the reason. I have personally seen Lili turn away customers that come in looking for the HE.

    One of the other legit owners who I know very well and owns three shops in the vicinity has survived through all the busts of last year and recently, and is money hungry enough (I say this even though she is a good friend of mine) to sabatoge another business that might pose a threat to her business volume. She actually advertises very suggestively, regularly, on BP, while Lili has never even posted a single BP ad. My unnamed friend may have some kind of inside collusion with someone in an official capacity to avoid or create a situation. She is that savvy. None of the 10 or so gals she regularly employs has a license and most of them are FOB. She ( the owner) only holds a Florida license, not valid in New York.

    Another shop last year very close to another one of her shops further east, which was also a very legit place (again, I knew the gals there very well) was closed much as was Lili's shop (no prostitution charge, but rather just an "unlicensed operation of a profession", which is, anyway, a more severe charge, and condemning of the store by the Building Dept.). I actually went two times to court with the owner and my girlfriend there, who got busted, to help them along in the legal process. A 120.00 fine was the final result but loss of the shop (and loss of "face") was the major blow.

    There is something very rotten I am smelling in the air.

    Lili's shop is the last place that should have been shut down, and I know them all very well.
  3. pokler

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    Sucking off the cops?
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  4. pet2


    They always seem to arrest the ones who are not "spring chickens" These women are not worth the amount of money they ask for from us Where are the hot young masseuses when the raids take place?
  5. metbal1971


    I always thought that was a legit place.
  6. Li631


    Holy good lord...
  7. kbpro


    Sum Ting Wong here you all said I was 25, 7 out of ten
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  8. WizardOfAhhs


    2 Women Arrested During Lake Ronkonkoma Massage Parlor Raid
    BREAKING: It's the sixth Lake Ronkonkoma massage parlor raid over the past two months.
    By Ryan Bonner (Patch National Staff) - March 22, 2017 9:07 am ET
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    Two women were arrested during a massage parlor raid in Lake Ronkonkoma Tuesday evening, police said.

    In response to numerous community complaints, Suffolk County Police Fourth Precinct Crime Section officers, Suffolk County Criminal Intelligence detectives, U.S. Department of Homeland Security officers and Town of Brookhaven Code Enforcement officers conducted an investigation into illegal activities at Nichole Spa, located at 321 Portion Road, around 5 p.m.

    Two employees–Lili Jiang, 48, of Ronkonkoma, and Xiu Yun Liu, 53, of Flushing, were arrested and charged with unauthorized practice of a profession, a Class E felony under the New York State Education Law.

    An investigation by a Town of Brookhaven building inspector, Town of Brookhaven Code Enforcement officers and a Town of Brookhaven fire marshal revealed numerous occupancy and town code violations resulting in the location being condemned, police said.

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    The women are scheduled to be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip Wednesday.

    There have now been six massage parlor raids in Lake Ronkonkoma since January, leading to nine arrests.

    SCPD photo: Lili Jiang (left) and Xiu Yun Liu
  9. Slinky Bender

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    It's funny who the "bad guys" are considered.
  10. Landru


    And right before collecting the 120, the clerk runs over to the water cooler and comes back with small paper cups of water for them while shaking her head up-and-down vigorously and smiling.
  11. hardndslick


    What I find funny is that I haven't seen any reviews of that place.
  12. grancojon


    Very sorry to see Candy, Fiona and Aida go. Always smiling and showing their cool personalities. Very upset as well as these are activities under closed doors, not bothering anyone, no drugs, no liquor involved, no undesirable people near entrances to other businesses. Reality is hitting me as we mongers may be contributing to have these quality places become known for fake LE staff browsing what we write and share.
  13. MayorSimpleton


    Thanks for that really great laugh. I think anyone who's has gone to an AMP will see the humor in that line.
  14. sixtyearold


    Absolutely, and I spent nearly 8 hours total (2 visits) with her and her mamasan sitting in court. I did get a kick out of all the Chinese gals outside the courtroom cackling like a bunch of chickens about God knows what.

    Funny. After all was said and done, my gal and mama (mama was actually younger than my gal) both asked me if they should tip the public defender and the Chinese court translator. I told them absolutely not. We are not in China.
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  15. IronBallsMcGinty


    My only wish is that when they hand the $120 fine money to the clerk cashier, the cashier looks at them with a disappointed face and says, "Ok, but you pay more next time."
  16. hardndslick


    After paying the overtime, court fees, translator and public defender the 120.00 fine sounds like a big loss and waist of time for us taxpayers
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  17. sixtyearold


    No, they were charged with a more serious offense (believe it or not), a felony. Prostitution is only a misdemeanor offense.

    They will go to Suffolk County Court in Central Islip, be assigned a public defender, then go back again for a second time and admit guilt, with the PD and the help of a public translator (actually a very nice Chinese guy) and given a warning (assuming this is their first offense) and a fine of 120.00 payable right there and then. The worst part is the waiting time in court for the case to come up each time.

    I went through the process last year with one of my gals from the Rt. 112 bloodbath. They will be in the company of several other Asian women in the same boat, so they will feel a little less uncomfortable during the process.
  18. Jaymos


    At least they werent arrested for sexual activity
  19. WizardOfAhhs


    Mugshots on patch from the Luna bust.
    Lina Ma, 30, and Huan Liu, 27, both of Flushing, were arrested and charged with unauthorized practice of a profession, a Class E felony under the New York State Education Law. They were scheduled to be arraigned Thursday at First District Court in Central Islip.
  20. kbpro