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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by mirage74, Nov 2, 2001.

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  1. billyS


    Yo Pinga,
    Here is a review I did on 2190 Jericho
    Last Wensday I found a 516 number in Newsday that I hadn't remebered seeing before. I called and got an Asian voice so I figured I try it. It was on 2192 Jericho Turnpike in Garden City Park. So I go. Walk right in, no buzzer, not a good sign. As soon as I'm in the door on my left are 3 curtianed off rooms. Curtains don't go to the floor. I can see some fat old dude laying on his belly covered with a sheet in the first room. An ugly 40ish, pimples, skinny, no shape Asian comes out of another room and tells me, come back 20 minutes. A cuter but still no bargin one picks her head out of the 1st room and gives me a smile. Just for the hell of it I pinch at the skinny butt of the ugly one and she grimaces. Needless to say I did not go back. Nor will I ever. I'm saving my money to go visit April and her pussy, er pussycats.
    Also I've been to 29 Jericho, H/R only not much roaming alowed.
    Woops wrong thread !!!!!

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  2. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Try Hannah, if she is still there, at Hawaii
  3. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    Ah.. Girls, the crux of the biscuit. The Beatles were right. "Can't buy me Love" Sure can rent it, though.
  4. zipper


    moderator is right again

    slinky you are always right on target-most of these girls are nice and nice looking and you will have a good time as long as you behave with respect, but keep in mind for the $ to $$ you are dropping you arent going to get a porn star, cover girl, or experience of a lifetime-just a pleasant relaxing hour with a (usually,hopefully) good looking girl
  5. DandyDon


    Slinkybender, Great words to live by. I agree that if you don't expect alot, you can be pleasantly surprised. If you have delusions of grandure, you'll always come up dissapointed.

    Mirage, I would suggest twp things: first, relax your attitude concerning the provider and second, call each of the establishments and explain what you're looking for. You might stand a better chance of not being dissapointed. Good luck
  6. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Please try and take this in a constructive way, but when I hear a new guy say "Im pretty picky and would like a....." all I can think of is someone who might be setting themselves up for a dissapointment. I have a lot of experience with the boards, reviews, etc. and it seems that the single biggest cause of "mediocre" experiences is having expectations which are too high. Usually it happens when someone sees acouple of reviews of some girl, and they are all like "she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw" or "I had the experience of my lifetime". Someone reads these things, and expects that Veronika Zemanova is actually going to show up and blow thier mind. In actuality, if they had reasonable expectations from more reasonable reviews, they would end up with a better session, since they wouldn't be disappointed from the outset.
  7. mirage74


    Im pretty new here and want to try either Hawaii or A-1. I need help choosing a girl to shedule with. Im pretty picky and would like a girl whos thin, friendly, and with a very nice ass and legs. Im not really a breast person. Any advice would be great. Thanks a lot