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  1. ttboy



    where is ginza? number?.........wats on menu?
  2. ArtistX


    since sun golden and sun flower was closed I've been a regular at Ginza which in my oppionion is better than both of them...just found it by mistake while walking down the strip..
  3. JimofNJ


    HELP !!!

    Speaking of Route 73....I am moving to Sicklerville soon, and was wondering if there is alot of AMP's or just plain old MP's in that area that are any good ? I've gotten use to the area I'm in now (Burlington County), and aren't looking forward to moving to a dud area.
    Can anyone help me out here? I'm moving specificaly to the Wilton's Reserve development. Anything in that area ?
  4. moneyshotsnj


    Hey dumpy,

    I was there about three in the afternoon
  5. dumpy


    Great review money. What time of day did you go there?
  6. moneyshotsnj


    Was driving on Rt 73 North in Winslow yeseterday when I saw a box type building with neon signs announce "Accupressure Therapy" on the south bound side. Quick u turn to check it out.

    Typical 60 at the door and met by Sarah who was very cheerful and somewhat homely. About 15lbs overweight and a smile that only a Korean dentist would love. Much better looking girl, wearing a white coat scooted into a room as Sarah lead me to my room. "You been here before?" "Why no, I was just driving buy and thought this might be fun."

    Nice, complete but not really senusual table shower, back to the room.

    "You like massagy hard or medium?" "Hard, then soft"

    Pretty good hard massage. Soft carrassing on my ass and thighs told me this was going to turn out ok. Spread my checks and tickled my bung (didn't insert but probably would have if I asked) when suddenly there seemed to be four hands on me! 2 on my ass and two on my balls! I didn't hear anyone else come in the room, but this was nice! Lifted my ass and looked through my legs to see Sarah sitting on the table massaging my ass with her hands and my balls with her feet! This was a first, it felt great. What she was missing in looks she was making up in effort.

    On the flip, very nice hr and under the clothes roaming. Got the feeling bj may have been available next time.

    Warm towel clean up and 5 minutes more massagy.

    "You want water" "That would be nice, thank you" Was expecting a little paper cup. Sarah brought me bottle and Poland Sping. I was impressed.

    Tip 60. Usually 40 plus 20 for the feet and water. Would return next time I'm in the area
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