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Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by mongermia, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. CarmineS


    While I have never gotten a freebie, it is true that if you tell the mamasan they will make your next visit more pleasureable. I believe everyone should tip based on what they feel is right. If someone is a bitch to you, just remember there are thousands of AMPS all over the place.
  2. treizecisisase


    If you feel she earned the tip then you wouldn't be asking this question. She pecked the extra Jackson from you. She had a 50/50 shot and went for it. It's becoming more popular as most guys are deer blinded in the headlights. NEVER pay out ANY specific tip a girl asks for. Sometimes a girl will politely ask for a tip in no specific amount and this is more acceptable to me. Most important is to let a mama know you are a unhappy regular. I have gotten freebies because of my standing.
  3. ForFun


    I some places I give the tip in advance. If she is is not happy with it I ask for the tip back - and in some cases have takes it our of the girls hands. It is simply amazing to see the look on their face.

    They either agree with the tip or same something like "if I do very good job you give me more tip?" They really do not want to go back to the mamasan and tell her you walked out over the tip.

    Depnding on the service I may up the tip after. But it has to be exceptional
  4. Aegis911



    Right on the money.

    The problem with refusing is that the customer doesn't want a scene and is afraid the provider will make one - therefore it's more like extortion than a tip.

    What must be remembered is that the provider is only a worker-bee and the mamasan wants to keep customers. When in doubt ask for the mamasan and she will intervene. Tell the provider "Let's go speak to mamasan - I'll do whatever she suggests."
  5. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    If all she gave you was a handjob, she's an overcharging bitch. But I dissagree with trigger. You should go when she is there and tell the mamasan:"I'll take any girl but that one, because last time she demanded a $60 tip, and I feel like I got ripped off. I only came back because I am a REGULAR CUSTOMER HERE and I figured I would give you ONE MORE TRY".

    As far as "other than refusing".... the answer is no, I don't have any other advice..... but that is what you should have done...refuse. What's she going to do, take back the handjob? And face it, you don't want to see her again anyway. If you want to, just go by and say to the mamasan:"I've always tipped $40 and it's always been ok. If the tip is going to be $60 on top of a $70 door charge, let me know and I'll take my business elsewere" (but say it in a very pleasant manner with a smile).
  6. mongermia


    It was good to see your reply. I thought my tip had been right, but I've seen other posts from hobbyists who tip so much higher. Anyway, thank you for letting me know that I was in line. I enjoy going to C.B.A. so I don't want to cause a fuss. But I may do as you suggest and request someone else if the same girl is there when I arrive.
  7. trigger


    I would have told the girl the famous line,"next time." Show up when she is working and pick another girl right in front her. If her attitude was nasty I would have told her to give me my tip back and complain to the mamasan. Sometimes, you have to put these bitches in their place. Remember, you are the customer and you shouldn't take any nonsense. Your tip amount was fine.
  8. mongermia


    I'm pretty new to AMP's, just close to four months of hobbying. But I ran into a problem Saturday, and I wonder if anyone has some advice.

    I've visited C.B.A. at 40th and Eight many times. I've been pretty happy with the the TS and R&T. Seen several different girls. My tip is usually .4 after a .7 charge at the door. Once, when the experience was amazing, I tipped .5.

    On Saturday, I was given a girl I hadn't seen before. She was excellent and gave a satisfying massage. I tipped her .4. She said that was not enough and demanded .6. This was the first time that my tip was ever questioned. In the past, the girl seemed content or happy at the tip. I was really confused, and since I wanted to return to C.B.A., I tipped the extra .2. This girl told me she works Friday through Sunday, so I'll avoid those days.

    I also have been to LF in CTown where the price including tip is less than the C.B.A. door charge. It's a bit out of the way, but I've enjoyed my trips there. I mention LF to indicate that that I feel that .6 is far too much for a tip.

    Other than just refusing, what should I have done? Up to that point, the experience had been quite pleasant. Do you think I am making too much of the demand for a higher tip?

    I'll appreciate your comments.