AMPs vs. non-A MPs

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by azad, Aug 29, 2001.

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    Yankee...I agree with you and I also feel very comfortable in Asian places. I have had some bad experiences in both Hispanic and American places in many different cities. The last AMP I went to was in the city and I had a great time. Last July I went to a Russian place in Jersey City and had a pretty good time as well. I also did not get raked over the coals for every list dime I had. which was my experience with Russian dancers. I perfer the fuller bodies of Russian to Asians ..... and would like to hear more about your experience with Russians.
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    As are the man.
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    Re: Japanese or Indian

    Japanese are my faves - my best AMP experience ever was with a Japanese girl. Anyway, none in NJ that I know of, but you can go to this link for a recent conversation about this place in NYC. I saw a Japanese girl there over the summer twice (Japanese Amy -you can look her up to) - she was very hot and friendly
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    Spawn there is a thread on this... pretty much said that there are no Japanese AMPs. Sunny at Cozy claims to be Japanese and looks it but I can't make final determination. You see independent's on CL, VV & NY Free Press claiming to be Japanese and I was in ****** contact with one that had a Japanese name but I never checked her out. I'll tell you what, Sunny's past forty but gives a hell of a massage.
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    Japanese or Indian

    I am positive that a serious premium would be in line, but does anybody know of any Indian or Japanese providers? A lot of the Koreans will tell you that they are Japanese or half Japanese, but we all know that that is crap. Does anybody know of an authentic Japanese AMP in the tri-state?
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    AMPs vs. Non-Amps

    I think it depends on what you are looking for. I think it's safe to say that practically all AMPs will give you a 'happy ending', even the ones that give you a 'professional' massage. In my opinion, the massage alone is worth the money at AMP's. I have always been happy with the quality of the asian providers. Even the older ones are a bit cute. Obviously, most asian women are petite and small chested, so if ya like booty and boobies, don't expect to be overwhelmed.

    Although I may be naive, I have always felt 'safer' at AMP's. Many of them don't ask any questions beyond "Have you been here before?"

    I went to a Russian establishment where I had to give them my name, and sign a sheet of paper. I have to work with a bunch of russians, so maybe hearing the accent all the time turns me off or something. (although, you would think it would be nice to imagine being given a HR by Boris' daughter)

    Here's my openly bigoted list of what nationalities I like as far as massages go, from most to least:

    #1 Chinese
    #2 Korean
    #3 Hispanic
    #4 Russian
    #5 American

    Of course I am always willing to add to the mosaic!

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    I have never been to an AMP but I have been to the Ritz in NJ and was planning on going to Heavenly exit. Are AMPs specifically any better in terms of service or quality of girls?