AMPS, what is possible?

Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by 812678, Jul 5, 2006.

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  1. sixtyearold


    To the title thread.... Anything and everything is possible. Knowing this is a major part of the fun and adventure of AMPs.

    It may not always be practical in the legit spa setting depending on privacy, and mama's presence and strictness (although with VIP status there is greater allowances), but with a few visits, Wechat exchange, and winning thier trust (they generally have a distrust of a man's sincerity at first), outside meetings on their day off are easy.

    For me, Flushing is at least a 90 minute drive and would take up the better part of a day. Being married, I also do not want to get overly, emotionally involved with any one gal or deceive her into thinking I may provide a future for her. Outside meeting can lead to this.

    Therefore, personally, I maintain what I call a "harem". One hour visits with many, many different gals and good relationships with the mamas in approx. 7 legit shops (all that are available in my area).

    Again, to the title thread, "practice yields expertise" in interacting postitively with the gals ( primarily Chinese in my case) working at the AMPs. Their lives are generally very monotonous and boring, and if you can bring something different to their table (i.e. Friendliness, animation, confidence, teaching. Etc.), you can easily reap the feasts from the table.

    Actually, the many hours I spent/spend each week in legit AMPs was my education in understanding and dealing with the China woman, so that my graduation one year ago into the the FS Asian Agencies provided me the tools to get the most out of my sessions knowing what wins their interest beyond just the money, and I test this,always, by keeping the money as minimal yet "undefacing" as possible.
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  2. mugi


    Women are women. Definitely, not all, but you can meet some really nice Asian women in spas, preferably legit spas. The stereotype for an Asian woman in a spa is a money grabber, green card searching, desperate individual. I have also met the exact opposite, nice young Asian ladies who have given me every second of my full hour and given me back 10 or 20 dollars when I have over-tipped. of course, it is more rare but depending on how they were raised. some Asian girls in these spas carry with them some Taoist and Confucius cultural respectabilities infused in their childhood from very honorable families and it is an inseparable part of their personalities. If you are sincere, you will meet sincerity eventually, no matter where you are. I am not naïve and saying that spas predominate with such females but seek and ye shall find. Peace...
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  3. K@47


    @backseat Obviously, they are there to make money. Not be your actual girlfriend. LOL. I think there are those few cases here and there where a girl might catch some feelings for you, but I think it is a job like anything else.
  4. expbynight


    I had an AMP girl recently try to teach me Chinese in bed at the end of the session. We counted 1-10 and then she pointed to my dick and said a word in Mandarin and told me it meant "little brother".
  5. Greg Douglas

    Greg Douglas

    Ok cool. That is what I assumed, but I kinda wanted to be sure.

    I don't want to go through all the time to research places and then the stress of actually driving out to one and then all I end up with is a crappy massage because I'm too fat. :)
  6. backseat


    I just had an amp girl pat my stomach and say "rich man." All they see is your money.
  7. Greg Douglas

    Greg Douglas

    That's mainly what I am looking for, not full service. I have to admit that the sheer curiosity of how that would all work is a good part of my interest as much as the idea of getting my rocks off.

    Though I feel like for me, at least having her boobs out to look at (preferably also touch) would make the experience a lot more fulfilling.

    I'm 50-60 or so overweight. Not anything for the record books, but big enough that it is a major reason why I've never pursued this very far.

    That's what I assumed would be the situation, but you never know. Getting rejected by AMP or escort for being too fat would be pretty damn embarrassing. So I kind want to know how that works in advance.
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  8. cjm1691


    They expect you to pay. Not much more to it than that. Many AMPs are strictly HJ only so go expecting that is all you will get. Some will allow UTC but not all. If you frequent a place regularly you may see the rules relaxed a bit as they get to know you. Read reviews here and you'll learn which places are likely to offer extras. Get a cheap second Phone to make your calls with if you have a SO that looks on ur phone. Or you can use a service like Google Voice on ur smart phone. That is what I do and then I make sure everything is deleted after my session. As for the weight issue I guess it depends on how big u are. I am about 25 lbs overweight but that's not been an issue although I've only got FS once at an AMP and that was in Manhattan. I see an escort regularly and while she is very fit she doesn't see my extra lbs. she sees my $$$.
  9. Greg Douglas

    Greg Douglas

    What sort of expectations do AMPs have about the clients?

    I've pondered hitting an AMP many times, but I have two reservations:

    1) I'm a successful (but not famous or anything) businessman and getting busted would be a pretty huge disaster. To counter this, I've been doing tons and tons of research and would never go somewhere unless I'd kept an eye on it for many months.

    2) I'm a fat guy. I'm clean and well groomed and all that jazz, but I'm still a fat guy and I'm not sure if that's something that is an issue for them. I would imagine they don't really care - especially for just HJ and playing with her boobs. But maybe they would for full service.
  10. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    But be careful using reviews. The VAST majority of reviews on the internet are not telling the truth or at least not telling the whole truth. Especially from guys who you see being friendly with a crew of other guys on whatever site you see that review posted on. Since these sites are now so far from anonymous - which was their original purpose - most of the so called reviews are really just a sign that a guy went to a place and mean "if you want to know THE TRUTH about what happened, contact me privately and know that one way or another I expect to be compentsated for telling the truth".
  11. Ctguitarguy


    In my experience it depends. Some just hj and then fs and possibly more. Check reviews out to gain an idea about what you might expect.
  12. jr1


    Nothing is set at amps it can go in youre favor or not just be very relaxed and not sketchy and youll have a smile on youre face at the end of a visit and FS and Greek can deffinitly be on the menu at the places with well known consumers
  13. rubrub


    Usually...when you arrive, check to see if the massage area has enough privacy (e.g. rooms instead of curtains).
  14. puffin


    If you dress well, wear expensive jewelry, bath, shave and tip well, then you can pick yourself up a partner for a weekend trip to Mohegan Sun or Atlantic City. Just keep the cash flowing.
  15. out of control

    out of control

    If they post under escorts yes. If they post under body rubs maybe
  16. Danger0110


    If an AMP is advertising on BP, should I EXPECT a HE first visit?
  17. cisher


    Dream your fantasy and practice it on your way. You might keep failing it but don't get frustrated. Someday you will be ruining their pussy in a happy way as much as you want..
  18. marfecum


    Young asian body love money or fancy bags brand channel or prida something.
    I'd rather pay for their pussy per visits. Right, some just offer ST, terrible.
    Always I visit another place to finish with their trimmed va***na.
  19. sunspadovernj


    Few of my friends made them as a their girl friend. Feed and nurture them.
    Give a good word, act friendly & gentlely. Someday, they will show the shape of their cleave. Juicy.
  20. lenacleave



    There's more limited boundary in amp.
    But we might get into few cleaves if we are lucky.